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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @lmackreath +1 thank you.

    @itimjim & @Stylz Panasonic and VK set the bar pretty high with the GH2 for $700 USD. That's where a lot of us are coming from.

    The point is: If the engine in my car doesn't run correctly, it doesn't do me any good if it cost me only $10,000 or even $100. I need to find one that does. Especially since I own a lot of Super 16mm glass!

  • So you've got an old gearbox and you've been waiting for the right engine to be produced for it. Along comes something that allows you to use it, cheaply and with mostly good to great quality... And you're complaining? Beggars, choosers and all that.

  • I'm not sure what we are suppose to see. It looks fine to me.

  • @lmackreath +1 thanks!

    @Stylz You're entitled to your opinion. If you think all BMPC footage looks great the way it is then that's cool :) I'm not too into pixel peeping myself but I think the current issue with cadence/shutter (or whatever it is) is a bigger issue. And that's just my opinion.

    The biggest issue for me is the BMPC is being sold as essentially the same camera as the BMCC except that it's smaller and has a tighter cropped sensor, when in reality it's falling short of that standard (at least right now... hopefully not forever).

    I'd still like to own one, one day when everything is fixed and stock is plentiful :)

  • @Ian_T

    Just from my eyes, that latest video from Philip Bloom looks great, great, great!!! :) But that's the only one.

    All other videos I've seen for the most part, remind of open shutter HD movies directed by Michael Mann (Miami Vice, Public Enemies... ewww)

  • if you are paying this much for a camera you want to make sure it doesn't have any issues..

    Then you'll never buy anything, nor should you, at any price, because all cameras have "issues".

    Don't think anyone wants to stifle discussion, particularly if the camera objectively fails to do what it claims to do (adjust shutter angle), but viewing 3rd party material via vimeo or youtube on a computer monitor probably isn't the best way to conduct tests or draw conclusions. And demanding to be "blown away" by vimeo or youtube footage, either uncorrected ProRes or the typically incompetent CC seen on the web, may not be the most useful measure of evaluation.

  • I think we are still in the early adopter stage on this one. Just some held rushed out footage that's hard to draw many conclusions. But even bigger, I never use any camera in a shoot where quality is expected, if I can't get a local replacement before 8 am tomorrow morning. So right now, I'd say we are seeing curious footage, long before the camera/system is actually project usable.

  • @jrd hehehe... you said do do.

    But getting on topic: if there are issues with the camera, of course we should be talking about them. We want BM to address anything that they possibly can. Laying back and just saying: "oh well, this is what we get, don't mention anything bad about the camera" is crazy talk!

    We aren't bashing the camera here (at least I hope not). I don't believe most of us would be here talking about it if we weren't excited about it's prospects, but I see nothing wrong with pointing out short-falls to a camera, especially if some of those short-falls could be rectified with a firmware update. If they can't, then at least people know what they can expect.

    These are not topics you'll find on the official BMPCC product page, so why not discuss them then on a discussion board about this camera?

  • I see it in Blooms footage too, when they are getting of the whatever the hell that giant Ferris Wheel thing is. Bu then again, he kind of all over the place which as we all knew, would be less than Ideal. Now we have also seen it in locked off footage as well so I can't imagine that it's a symptom due to poor handheld, or as I like to call it no, Micheal J Fox cam, which get's me many boos and sneers! :) I'd really like to hear something from BM on this issue. Anything at all would be cool but the silence makes me want to spend that money elsewhere. A speedbooster for my 2.5K would be nice :) If this is an issue I don't see why it's wrong for people to be upset or "demand" it be fixed right away. It's not like it's some crappy hot shoe mount that you can't attach a mouses turd to without it falling off, this is the something that you can't shoot around.

  • It's the London Eye.

  • On the BM forum there is a topic on the "Blooming Sensor" problem a guy spotted in many clips from the Pocket! It's a very nasty rendition of the clipped highlights. That would be the biggest problem if it is a sensor related issue... not the not crispy sharp washed image some are expecting...

  • @feonn

    I was getting ready to say that. I don't like that at all. It looks like old, badly coated glass. I'm out :(

  • Once again, if anyone wants my preorder, I ordered a day or two later than the announcement, let me know. I have one guy that was possible interested, otherwise I'll call Adorama and cancel on Monday. What the hell do I need two BMCCs for anyways :) Who do I think I am, @kholi? :)

  • Yeah think I have had enough now too. CVP who I ordered with have tweeted Andrew over at eoshd and said about the current BMPCC order status "@CVPgroup: @AndrewClemson @EOSHD A big fat ZERO I am afraid - No info, No cameras - Deja-Vu - We'll shout when they start shipping to end users though!"... So this blatant disregard to customers.. Resellers and distributors.. As well as the now obvious issues with motion on the sensor.. As well as battery usage..and. Black sun spots.. Etc etc means I am out too

  • Yep and there's ZERO response from BM about that nasty blooming on the board. I just started a thread on the motion blur over there. I don't expect a solution now by any means because that would just be silly but i hope someone responds from BM. It doesn't look good if they keep ignoring these questions from users. Might be why we're not seeing any more cams too :)

  • Nope, they do have a thread on it and are blaming it on un natural light sources. Hmmm. I'll ask Note to do a day test.

  • I hope that blooming issue could be firmware related or valid only for the demo-units reviewers had (2 of them had the audio issue, but no such reports from those already got their preorders)...

  • I'm behind on the blooming issue. Can someone point me to it?

  • @kholi Not sure if i can post a link to the BMforum here. It's over there.

    I'll PM it to you.

  • Just found it. I thought it was something weird with a lens or two. Hmm.

  • @kholi , the black spot in the top left: image Frame by Philip Bloom from his video which was also posted in this topic.

  • Yep and BM is no responding. Not good. I always thought sunny footage looked a little dreamy but couldn't pin point what it was.

  • We knew about the black spot and that's easily corrected in post. The blooming is not good.

  • Black spot really isn't an issue.

    That other thing, that would be.

    Also about BMD responding, they do, trust me. I've had things from day one that I reported to them and they were fixed in the next update. It's the weekend, one, and two I'm sure they're getting plenty of emails.

    Gotta actually give it time.

  • Ahh, did this just blow up yesterday or something?