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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • I agree with bwhitz. Letz wait guys, nothing else can be done. How many times Panasonic delayed the GHs? At least 6 months for GH2.

  • Businesses are not your friend or lover. They are just a business. Trying to make payroll and stay on top of a huge stack of hard to predict issues. Don't think for a second that any will do more than 60% of anything right.

    Is this your first rodeo? I hear people planning important shoots and deadlines around a camera that they haven't really used yet? Do you also buy lottery tickets? Who knows what this thing will really do in shipping versions, or how consistent they will be shot to shot or camera to camera yet.

    If nothing else, see this as a great learning experience. Create from your own experience. Expect things (many) to go wrong. That's what pro means to me. Always an A plan and a B plan and a C plan.

    Poop will happen. Be nimble enough not to step in it twice...

  • I'm really interested on this camera, but I'm a bit worried if I'll be able to get it... I live in Brazil and I'm going to US in September 19th and I'm staying until October 5th... So Blackmagic must be available this time I'm staying there...

  • If you do not have a preorder your chances of getting one are not great. But even on eBay a resell will be much cheaper than you would find in Brasil where import duties are enormous.

  • Where in Brasil are you?

  • Rio de Janeiro. Yeah, the import duties are, it's much better to just go to US and bring to Brasil, the import duties are much lower... I still don't have a preorder... :(

  • I am in the Porte Allegre area often.

  • @ivanlee Have you checked the price on the Black Magic site for Brazilian dealers? I would check their prices before buying off eBay or buying from the US. Yes the price may be 10-20% more if you buy in Brazil but you have that point of contact if the camera has problems.

    No offence but you may find what you think is import duties making it expensive is actually due to currency devaluation, which the Real has suffered from in recent times, a US purchase therefore might be similar to Brazil. Worth checking the latest conversion price...

    I pay about 10-20% more in Korea but I think it's worth it for that point of contact and also IF you apply early some of these countries actually get cameras before the US/Europe due to smaller numbers. Guys from Korea and Japan were getting the EF from the first shipments. Which is why I'm quite positive cause I'm first with my particular dealer here.

  • A reply from CVP in UK I got this morning:

    Thank you for your email regarding the BMC Pocket Camera,

    To give you a quick update, Our supplier has been in touch with an update from Black Magic. They are currently reporting that full production of the Pocket Camera is underway and the first units off the line are now in testing.

    They have also stated that this is in line with the expectations of the end of July and they expect to see the unit with distributors during August.

    Although this is a few weeks longer than we were promised when the camera was launched it is good to note that they are not reporting any issues with the production, so the long delays of the original 2.5k camera should not happen again with the Pocket model.

    I am unable to estimate your delivery date as we do not yet know how many units we are due to have delivered. Once we have an idea of quantities and a more specific delivery date we will be in contact to update you.

    There is hope!

  • We plan to have BMPC among our deals soon :-)

  • @jimmykorea In Brazil IF and WHEN it's available we are gonna pay 150% more, not 10-20% :(

  • @Vitaliy: That's great news!

  • @rlima I'm not expert in Brazil but I would say your probably talking nonsense. I clicked quickly onto one of the resellers from the BM site, the first product that popped up was a Mac Book and it was quite a bit cheaper than I would pay in the UK once I did a rough currency conversion. Show me the Black Magic Pocket camera from a Brazilian source that is $2,500 like you claim? And it would be more with currency conversion on top of all that tax so.....unlikely....I could be wrong but prove it.

  • @jimmykorea most of all are no english natives and so am I. I would like to ask you to check you postings regarding politeness to other members. Terms like "you are talking nonsense" are offending and probably you wanted just say that he might be wrong. Thanks!

  • @jimmykorea I guess that you entered the Soma site - which is the only one in the Blackmagic reseller site here in Brazil that shows product prices.

    MacBook Pro listed at R$4399,00. Same price as the Brazil's Apple site. It's the lowset spec MacBook Pro, 13 inches, 500 Gb Hdd, 4 Gb Ram, no Retina model. In the today's currency exchange to british pounds = 1264,86 GBP

    Same model in the Apple's UK site = 999 GBP. 26,6% more.

    But EU prices are always higher than in the USA. Comparing to USA prices, the difference is even greater. This MacBook in Brazil = US$ 1923,80. In the Apple Store USA = US$ 1199,00. 60% more.

    And regarding to cameras, the difference is great too. A Canon 5D Mark III in BHPhoto = US$ 3499,00, body only. In one of the most regarding importers here in Rio de Janeiro = R$ 11.999,99 = US$ 5247,48

    Since the BMPC is a niche product, probably 100% to 150% more is not impossible.

    And remember that the average paying for the jobs here is about the half in dollars compared to USA / UK for the same job. Then, you could consider that the price compared to the incomes here are doubled.

  • @ivanlee If you get the BMPC, tell me, I would like to take a look - I'm here in Rio too, will go to USA in december, and BMPC is one of the my possible buying choices. :)

  • @MarcioK

    I think it is really not about BMPC :-) And @jimmykorea is banned for one month for constant fighting and many complains from members.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev got it. :)

    I've replied more to show how the life of a photographer / filmmaker is hard here, pricewise. :) Let's go back to the topic.

  • @jimmykorea nonsense is talk about this here... I live in BR since I was born in 1969, and I'm in video production market since 1996.. guess what?! now back to the topic, pls... but wait, do we have a topic?? where's is my pocket?!!? at least mine is pre-ordered since the very first day (in NY of course).. :^D

  • Wow... I'm brazilian and I live in Brazil, so I know how things are around here... EVERYTHING that is imported (except from Mercosul), you pay A LOT of taxes, absolutely it's not 10, 20%... wow, that would be amazing!!! but it's not the truth... we're talking about 100% in import taxes... MORE the reseller's profit, so it's something around 150%!!

    I really feel bad about people that have a wrong idea about things that happen around here... the taxes we pay here are just absurd, obscene, like nowhere else in this planet...

  • There's something I would like to mention... you have 3 ways to import something in Brazil, you can just buy it and deliver in your address in Brazil. Supose that you bought a U$1000 camera, you will have to pay something very close to 100%, so the camera will cost you U$2000...

    The second way: you just go to US or anywhere else... you buy the U$1000 camera, and when you arrive in Brazil, you have to declare it and pay 50% to everything that is above U$500 (you can bring with you only U$500 in equipment, eletronics...etc), so you gonna pay U$250 (50% of U$500), so the camera will cost you U$1250... (Much better!)

    The third way: You just ask someone that is not brazilian to bring the stuff to you...(tourists don't pay import taxes...that makes sense! lol) BUT if you travel with your equipment, you can be taxed when you come back... that's a risk...

  • Hello @MarcioK yeah, sure!! where are you in Rio? I hope I can get it... I didn't preorder yet...

  • Well, there are more brazilians here that I´ve imaginated ;o) Like myself. And yes, taxes here are obscene! Back to topic: where in the world is the BMPC???

  • Good news! Proof that containers of Pocket cameras are already shipping!