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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @MikhailK Yeah I can see some people having a few grumbles about delivery times and communication but your way off. The EF sensor was an isolated incident, the MFT you can't really complain about cause it was a rapid response from BM therefore you got to be thankful they even tried. And even comparing things to the Red Scarlet means you never really went through it.

    The only real "problem" as I can see is BM is a smallish specialist company that is making a camera that everyone wants too much. It's the Cronut of the camera world.

  • @jimmykorea Totally disagree with you.

    "The EF sensor was an isolated incident, the MFT you can't really complain about cause it was a rapid response from BM..."

    They had guge production and delivery delays with EF and non-active MFT!

    "And even comparing things to the Red Scarlet means you never really went through it."

    RED announced "Scarlet" almost 3 years (if I recall correctly) prior to the "event" - the very first delivery of Scarlet-X RED. They were telling the audience that the prototype was ready and sales will start within a year... This is the same situation with BM!

    "The only real "problem" as I can see is BM is a smallish specialist company that is making a camera that everyone wants too much..."

    All of my current comments and the comments in my previous post mean the following:

    1. Who cares if BM is a small company!
    2. In the world of mass-business the first thing you gotta care about is YOUR (the COMPANY's) OFFICIAL WORD and YOUR REPUTATION!

    If you (BM or other company) make such kinda statements (press releases, huge puplic events) saying that your product (I didn't even mention BPC 4k, they screwed up this thing even more than with BMPCC): 1) Will be shipped in JULY, 2) It'll have RAW, 3) The firmware will be ready,

    You gotta DO your BEST and deliver everything right on time or earlier!

    There's no excuse with respect to such kinda situation! It's business and nothing personal and no offence!

  • @MikhailK @jimmykorea

    Keep yout talks away from discussing how "fucked" is the company.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev sorry, got your point.

  • BMD never promised an active MFT 2.5k. Love to see your link for that.

    They are a privately owned company. The shareholder is also the CEO so he can do whatever he likes. You can choose to buy it. Or not and tell everyone else not to as well.

    In a year when many other digital camera companies have failed, they're shipping their first gen cameras and starting to get their next models out the door. I'd rather have them hang in there.


  • "Now for those wanting an active m4/3 2.5K BMCC, I’m told that it will still be some time before that’s possible. Basically, it’s a fairly big job to redesign not only the mount, but the electronics inside. It will still be some time before this becomes an option on the BMCC, but obviously they’ve shown it can be done now ! My impression is it still months away from being able to be done."


    Now this may not be a promise, but it did make me think at the time that there was an active MFT version coming...

    Does your above post mean there'll never be one?

  • @MikhailK I think the scarlet and BMC cameras are totally different things. Since day one of the announcement last year they had a prototype on display while no one ever saw a scarlet 2/3 except for 3d render. The timing also is completely different, the bmc was available about 6 month late even in very very limited quantities. The scarlet took at least 3 years to be cancelled. The last thing is that blackmagic is catering for the mass market while red 3k to 3k had gone up to 8k plus addons for the scarlet vapour-ware.

    Could anyone have thought that they would be shooting RAW for $1000. So I think the company need some encouragement, at least they are trying. After some thought about the availability of the BM pocket camera, I went and bought an Atomos Ninja for my D7100. I have been pleasantly surprise from the test that I have done about the Nikon D7100 and think that Raw won't make me a much better shooter. It is not as if we have been bombarded with extra, super, mega footage since the BMC is readily available and must have sold in the thousands. What I mean is that if someone has a camera like the gh3, g6, d5200, d7100 and he cannot do good video with them, I don't think that the BM pocket will make his video much better.

  • Haters gonna hate... Creators gonna create... Camera delayed use another one till it comes.. In the last couple of months I've shot gh3, red epic, 7d, c300 and arriflex sr3.. There is no one camera for every job and weather my pocket comes next week or in 3months it will not be my only paintbrush... Do I want it badly yes... Is it revolutionary no but it is evolutionary and is it worth the wait... Yes.

  • @Chaos123x , got the link here: "New Camera Utility 1.4 Software Update! Features support for now shipping Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Download now!"

    I think this is Fantastic BMPCC news! And I'll note the datestamp on the tweet is in July ;-) They've succeeded with their promise, or so they think at least.

  • Haven't seen anybody mention this yet but I noticed on B&H blackmagic design has a battery that seems to be almost the same as the nikon EN-EL20 except it's 7.4v instead of 7.2v and is also only 14.95 instead of 44.95 for the nikon one.

  • wow, in 2013 people still do the whole "I TOLD YOU SO" routine. But HONESTLY, nobody cares if "you told us so" It's a good camera, and nobody is going to make you buy it. Those of us that do want it, will continue to use what we have until the pocket shows up, instead of venting over the internet about what's wrong with BMD.....a company that is only in their 2nd year of making cameras.

  • The only fault BMD has is not the obvious delay of pocket and production cameras. I can understand that, there is much to be done in order to make these cameras work as promised and even better.

    Their fault is their silence. Silence that makes every assumption, every bad expectation seem possible.

    They should honestly give a statement and tell us the time range they expect the camera to actually ship. They already said the Pocket is in production. That means they KNOW the number of pre-orders and demand, they know the time a production of X number of camera would take, etc.

    They should just say clearly "all preorders to date will be produced by 20 August and arrive at resellers on 25th (for example)". Then I would know that I get my camera by the end of the month. I can plan shooting with it and don't worry about when and ifs...

    Ok, the preorders can be pretty big. They can't produce it so fast. That's fine too, I can understand. But then they'll know again the numbers. Fulfil the pre-orders made before end of may only. They'll ship first and those ordered before that would know when they get their cameras.

    It can be they don't want to make it public. It's fine! Just tell your resellers how much of their pre-orders will ship and when... It is that easy, but they prefer to tease us with their (black)magical silence.

  • It kind of feels like we are watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. Who are the lucky ones that are going to get the golden ticket?

  • Why all the vitriol? Yes, Blackmagic has had some problems but what they are doing with the pocket cam and the other cams is incredible. I put my preorder in as soon as I heard the news and they are shipping exactly when they said they would. I guess some people can never be pleased.

  • @Trumpetman I think it's this generation's ridiculous entitlement mentality, continuously reinforced by Facebook attention-whorism and the resulting gratification cycle. This culminates in uncontrollable temper tantrums that span the Internet whenever the afflicted's insignificance is realized at a subconscious level.

  • We all moan about BM communication but the fact remains whatever they officially say or don't say we are going to buy these cameras when they release them. Grant can do a press conference drunk and naked swearing at all of will change nothing......we're going to buy the cameras.

  • @Tron I was going to say the same, but I think it's worse than that. People don't have any self respect. I've seen people complain like bitter children on forums and the second they get their camera they don't say a word about the same shipping delays anymore. They act like everyone didn't just listen to them scream like children and attack others cause they personally didn't get what they wanted. What's worse is no one questions their legitimacy at being so self centred and acting like self comforting babies.

  • @VK this topic almost lost its track, it's no longer about the camera itself rather than about human nature.

    Should be created another one?... Like 'frustration of people having no BMPCC' ?

    Let's forget about this little promising cam for about 2-3 weeks.

    P.S. I am still on preorder list myself and will stay for a couple of months I suppose as the order was placed in June 2013. Prores with 13 stops DR is just fine to me. In the meantime GH2 with Intravenus is doing nice job at present.

  • @dream_beam Lets get back on topic by not talking about shipping delays and instead talk about your personal circumstances and another camera?

  • @Dream_Beam

    JB says DR is only 12 stops in ProRes. But the BM color science is still great at any DR.

  • Hi, @jimmykorea, thanks for asking. my circumstances are that if my order is not shipped before the middle of August then I am running the risk of paying huge import duties which might be exposed in Sep 2013 on all parcels coming to our country. I am just waiting, that's it. On the specs of BMDPCC, regarding Prores is sufficient to me and I am sure that ver.2 will be better and ver.3 might suit all my needs for video. Let's see how it goes. The other day any of big producer may eventually release new sensor or raw video cam or whatever that will change the game completely. The changes have been so fast recently.

  • @philiplipetz Thanks for pointing that out, sorry for my misunderstanding of the BMDPCC Prores spec

  • Well, I'm glad I decided to get my GH3 first... but come on... Did people really expect them to magically appear on their door steps July 25th? Who is offering anything even close to BM anytime soon?Canon might have their "affordable" C200 camera that records to an updated 35mbps codec in 5 years for $10,000...