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Vacation video shot on GH2 Moon T5 and GH3 avhc intra
  • Recently took a vacation trip to Jamaica and brought with me my GH2 and GH3. GH2 was running Moon T5 24p all -2,-2, -2 and CH3 was avhc intra switching between 24p and 60p. Gotta say @driftwood, T5 is my favorite patch of yours. Lenses used was mostly canon FD 35-105 f3.5 on a genus 72mm ND filter, lumix 14 with the wide converter, lumix PZ 45-175 F4-5.6. I was just shooting with what ever camera I had with me as we went around having fun!! Didn't do much color grading just in FCP7 Was a short trip, but we had much much fun!! PS if you see any moire in any shot know it's not there, it's YouTube compression.

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  • Nice. Now I know I need a vacation. Your girl reminds me of the actress...Headly (forgot her first name) from "Coming to America" with Eddie Murphy. Very pretty. I recognize however that it was not only Negril you guys were in but Ocho Rios at the end.

  • @Ian_T, thanks, ya-mon. ( you know before I ever went to Jamaica, I always thought it was ya-man) Yah vacations are always needed. You are correct, we spent a night in Ocho Rios and the other 4 nights in Negril.