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GH3 Feature film grabs.
  • Hey folks. Just wanted to share some grabs from the first project I've DPed on the GH3. A microbudget feature we shot incredibly fast with a tiny crew at the beginning of June. The film was directed by Adam Christie.

    I used the 50Mbps mode and Lomo lenses, mostly a 50mm, which I stopped down to between 5.6 and 8 because our locations were so important to the story.

    Compared to my GH2, I really loved the battery life and how the HDMI image doesn't do anything funky when you hit record. The display info always disappearing was frustrating though.

    Anyway, let me know what you think.

    Thanks for looking!


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  • Those grabs looks nice @ryancglover

  • looks great , this all ambient lighting? - any chance of a short snippet video?

  • Thanks guys. I'll post a teaser as soon as they have one cut.

    @jakepowell It's all sunlight, bounced light and negative fill.

  • This look really nice congrats!

  • looking good Houston, looking good

  • @ryancglover The dynamic range and color grading look superb! Care to share the workflow? Thanks.

  • Thanks for looking guys.

    @kraqman I shot in Standard: NR and Sharpness -5, Contrast -3, Saturation -2. Graded/added grain in Photoshop, didn't tweak them too much; tightened the contrast, a touch of saturation, fine-tuned the white balance in a few.

  • @ryancglover what do you believe -5 with NR does for you? Excellent grabs btw.

  • @sph1nxster Just hoping to preserve detail and fine grain, I guess?

  • @ryancglover Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see it! When's it coming out?

  • @kraqman Not sure when it comes out, it's not my film, I only shot it. But I'll keep you guys in the loop.

    Thanks to everyone that's had a look.

  • Looking good..

  • In terms of image quality, you were happier to opt for the unhacked GH3 over the GH2?

    Nice work!

  • @oedipax I'd say so, the practical advantages make the trade off worth it for me, amazing battery life, the way the image doesn't change when you hit record, etc. I did see a little moire on the actress' stockings though.

  • very nice images love the added depth of field from stopping down has a super 16mm vibe to it. and the vibrant colours... really good to see in a world full of shallow dof and muted colour pallets.

  • Thanks @JBV_CINE Glad you like it.