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Horror Short (2mins)
  • Hi there. Recently completed a 2minute short shot on a Panasonic GH2. If you're interested, you can see it here:

    [La Morte e Bella]

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  • Stylishly attired women looking like they've just walked out of a hair salon don't inspire fear. At all.

  • At least the hair/make-up girl will be happy!

  • the ending was dissapointing

  • That implies the rest of it wasn't, so I'll take that as a positive too ;)

  • @norliss

    True :)

    I just think when the genre you're aiming for is horror that at some point you'd want to evoke a feeling of terror and maybe even revulsion in your audience. But who knows, perhaps some woman out there would be horrified by her choice of wardrobe/makeup...

  • It's meant to be a warm but tongue-in-cheek homage to the 1970s giallo films from Italy so I probably shouldn't have described it as "horror". I wasn't trying to make something scary and wouldn't expect anyone to find it so.

  • very cool

  • getting cut throat around here!

  • @norliss - After reading your description of what you were attempting to do, I don't think it's so bad. I think the editing could have been more crisp to get a little more squirm from the viewer, but you did a nice job recreating the "look" of those films.