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update on my cinematography-blog "One Shot"
  • Hi all, I've posted about my cinematography-blog "One Shot" a few months ago and have been busy writing since then, now almost up to 20 posts about my favorite shots and the film-theories behind them. So I wanted to remind those who might be interested to check it out. Would be very interested in opinions and thoughts of you guys!

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  • I've been following your blog since you posted about it here the first time. I really really like the one shot approach, your texts are fresh and insightful. My sincere recommendation to all PV dwellers :)

  • Same here. I've had it bookmarked since the first time I saw it here. I recommend it to anyone I know who loves film and especially film theory. Although I'm just realizing I've never really taken the time to comment on it. I highly recommend to everyone on PV who hasn't checked it out. It's actually inspired me to watch more movies. Even ones I thought I would never really be interested in, and it's actually really exciting to see a post about a movie I've already seen and try to guess which shot you are going to pick. So thanks a lot and definitely keep it up.

  • @Reinout I missed your original post about your blog so thank you for the update. Terrific content you're putting out there. Extremely insightful. I like how you've managed to pull off such a good balance between your personal opinion, compositional and aesthetic theory and technical aspects without ever letting each of those elements take over. From a writing standpoint that's often what puts me off and you've done a great job here mixing your personality with legitimately informative content. It sure is a refreshing change from blog after blog focusing on the pros and cons of sensor size, mbps and gear love!

    I just watched "Flight" this week and I'd love to see you do a post on a Zemeckis film. I'm delighted that he's back directing live action again after all those mocap movies featuring characters with dead eyes. "Flight" is classic Zemeckis with some incredibly clever and yet subtle shot choices that are always made to advance character and story and not just to be cool. I love the way he blocks each scene. The plane crash itself is a fantastic sequence but for me, the real talent is in the quiet moments.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say great work. Please continue posting. I've bookmarked your blog and will be sharing it with my friends.

  • Thanks for the great feedback! That really keeps me going! And I'll look into some Zemeckis work soon to check out their cinematography. Thanks!!