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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • I've just now KIND OF got the raw workflow figured out and 2% of resolve figured out lol i'm in the process of uploading a edit with 3 clips right now.

  • I'm not sure if it's a QC issue on the BMCC, rather with the Tokina. Some samples work, some don't, some folks were at least able to adjust them.

    I'm under the impression that BM is adhering precisely to the correct flange distance, while others allow a bit of leeway. On the Scarlet (where you could adjust back focus anyway) I can focus my Contax Zeiss lenses a tad past infinity, while they are dead on with the BMCC. The Tokina just about reaches infinity on the Scarlet and doesn't get focus on the BMCC below about 14mm. As we all know, back focus is more critical with wides.

    So, while I think that it is not literally BM's fault, I'd rather have some leeway and loose a bit of MFD. The Tokina has great glass, but crappy mechanical precision. That's why there is a long list of folks waiting to get one re-housed to PL by Duclos.

  • @nomad

    I have some doubts on blaming Tokina here. All difference can be just how much each lens allow focusing past infinity.

    BMCC issue can be, for example, not accounting for painting thickness or anodizing.

  • Following the latest discussions, there seems to be shimming in both the camera and the Tokina. While nobody tried to take their camera apart, some users were successful by de-shimming their Tokina and it seems to work both on a Canon and the BMCC now.

  • that DR video was very hard to watch. He's worried about the DR clipping, I'm more worried about every "S" he spoke into the mic.

  • He was demoing the effects of overcooking audio DR on the esSSeesssSS ;p

  • Yei, I'm not the only one who whistles the essses I did sound natural to me. My bad.

    Jokes aside, gosh...I'm not saying like "now our dslrs are shit" bla bla...but it's such a big difference, and it looks like lots of frustrations (and frustrated recordings) might be over with BMCC.

    Looking forward to the MFT version...

    Last info I got at BM forums is:

    • BH and Adorama are the ones receiving most BMCC's. Adorama has shipped some cameras bought on January. That's fast...errrr or sth. I read Adorama's shipped 30+. BH still shipping June preorders.

    • Blackmagic sends BMCC first to the resellers who first asked for them and also, who asked for more. So that's why Adorama and BH are getting them faster than smaller resellers (though sometimes, those can be better option).

    • Europe doesn't exist. Biggest reseller in Europe, not even 10 BMCC received. They're receiving 1-2 per week now that Blackmagic is back again at full production...

    If BMCC MFT version should be released after most EF preorders are satisfied, I guess I'm buying it with Spanish Pesetas again.

    My only guess, is that being Adorama and BH the ones that receive most orders in the US, Adorama even from elsewhere, they satisfy quite a big demand. After satisfying preorders, and thinking that might happen around April...maybe then we have the MFT version announced for release (again).

    NAB's making a lot of sense to me, maybe for announcement, maybe announcement is in March with NAB as a release date. Waiting after NAB might be a really bad decission. And 2055 is my guessing for the end of the world.

  • Just got mine in today. I ordered on 04/19 from coremicro. By this time next week I'll have all the accessories to actually make this thing work the way it was meant to. It's been quite a journey and it's nice to finally have one in my hands.

  • @Vitaliy Indeed : )

    I guess most of you have already seen what there is to see from the BMC, however if there's something you're curious about or some kind of shot you wanted to see let me know!

  • however if there's something you're curious about or some kind of shot you wanted to see let me know!

    I have some doubts here that you'll like it, as I had been glad to see internals :-)

  • @Vitaliy

    Haha, ah yes, no worries. I'm taking out my miter saw as we speak. I'll have good cross section pictures up for you all very soon.

  • @l1n3arx i'm not to thrilled with the rolling shutter, but if you can get past that, it has a slick image obviously. I was shooting a few clips on a tripod in the wind the other day, and it caused waves across the clip. I was kinda pretty shocked by this.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup That happens with the gh2 and any other dslr that isn´t "bolted down", too. (using a long lens) I find it´s not very different in this respect.

  • Damn, how windy was it?

  • @rrrr how much more bolted down can ya get than a tripod? I mean it was way worse than any rolling shutter type issue I've ever seen from. Gh2. If you take the BMCC and SLIGHTLY sway it left and right it's very bad, so bad that using a glidecam with sudden change of left/right direction would pick it up

  • Having a tripod is one thing. What kind of tripod and how the camera / lens is mounted is another. That does not match my experience, but you might have used the bmcc far more extensively than I have! What lens did you use?

  • it was with a rokinon 85mm, when I get a second I'll post the clip

  • You can get camera shake in wind with any tripod with any camera. I've had O Conor 2575's on a beach with a 150-600 and an Alexa and had the shot not be useable. A long lens kind of turns into a sail so it then get's buffeted.

    And you also start to see rolling shutter show up on even the mighty Alexa on that lens length.

    In my experience, the RS on the BMCC is the same league as the 5D/GH cameras. Most others seem to agree...


    Add here's an uncorrected in-camera frame grab from the Alexa on a wide lens. Look at the window of the van driving past outside.

    1920 x 1080 - 459K
  • @johnbrawley I agree, although the rokinon 85mm is rather short built lens for a "long lens" lol

    but all in all, being a windy day, I fully expected to have some shots be a little too far gone. the clip was nothing more than a test to see what 85mm looks like on it.

    is their any news on a "in cam delete clip"

    it would also be nice if BMD could some how add a setting to toggle crop bars much like how ML has done on canon cameras. I can pretty much use my imagination of where they will would be, but seeing live would be nice ; )

  • also, does anybody know what the highest bit rate of the bmcc shooting raw can be or is it not calculated like that? i'm not sure if this is right, but I think I shot a clip in raw, exported it to an uncompressed format and it was 700+ mb/s ??

    this is my test 2.0, my favorite clips are the flag in the snow, and the tree followed by close up of tree. i'm still quite a ways from using resolve to it's full potential ; ) and yes, there are a lot of clips of a flag, but it's usually something I can rely on that is showing some movement. lol

  • Anyway, rolling shutter, especially jello is enhanced when there´s more stability. A small bump or un-smooth touch looks much worse than on hand-held footage which is all over the place. I´ve had close to unusable footage shot with a 28mm lens on the gh2 in windy conditions (Not on the heaviest tripod around) because gusts of wind would create a lot of micro-vibrations.

    F.i. gopro cameras (don´t know about the latest version) have very bad rolling shutter. Because they are normally constantly moving (but are locked down) the results look OK anyway.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup well compared to S35, the 85mm is a 136mm and a 195mm on a full frame. That's a fair amount of image magnification, coupled with wind and depending on the quality of your tripod and operating...

    I think it will be a while before they will do in camera clip delete. Far more likely is formatting a whole card. There are a few reasons for this, but know that BMD have made a CHOICE to have it this way. Red and Alexa for example, don't allow for individual clip deleting.

    Also, the UI is done by a separate processor I believe and they are limited with the number of pages and detail that they can do there as well. (adding a lot of extra menu options for example).