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Collecting for GH3 and FZ200
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  • I unsticked topic, as we have resources for one FZ200 and one GH3 bodies.

    FZ200 is ordered locally, GH3 will be ordered as soon as it'll be available.

  • BUMP! $10 in :-)

  • What's up doctor ?

    • $20

    need to remove time rec limit for EU model GH3 :-)

  • Hmmm....News?

  • @Tobsen

    What news do you need?

    I already answered this questions. We don't have GH3 yet. We'll get it as it'll be in stock in US.

    As for FZ200, I'll make update in appropriate time.

  • I don't really know how these things work, but my question is:

    is it possible to enable a GH3 (EU model) to record at 60 FPS and remove the 50 FPS limit with a hack?

    The US model is so much better because it can go up to 60 FPS (meaning slower motion), and it is such a pity that people in Europe get different specs, what an idiotic thing to do to make two different cameras... I wish I could get the US model, or that the one available in Europe could be hacked.

  • @Miao Hacked GH2 is switchable from pal to ntsc and back. It's to early to talk about hack features of GH3, but if everything goes ok, guess that it will be the case with GH3 too.

  • $50 for the GH3, from the Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Good luck!

  • Hello guys! New GH3 owner here. Just wondering if we are dependent on Panasonic releasing a firmware update for the GH3 before any hacking of the GH3 is possible to attempt, or if someone somehow has access to the firmware binary for v1.0? Do Panasonic release separate firmware updates for PAL and NTSC versions?

  • I was wondering the same thing. What do you need to get started? First downloadable firmware update and enough donations for a GH3 I guess? How (except of cause by donation) can developers help you? Did the GH1 and GH2 have JTAG pins to dump the firmware and thus can we expect this on the GH3 too?

    (I'm really annoyed by artificial 29min59s Limits for PAL.)

  • @larsarus @Marcus

    I can't comment much now, as it can hurt GH3 project.

  • is it possible to add focus peaking ? This is the only thing i hate in GH3 !

  • is it possible to add focus peaking ? This is the only thing i hate in GH3 !

    For Panasonic? may be :-)

  • 30$ from Russia with love How many already collect for GH3?

  • 20$ for the GH3 project. Keep up the good work.

  • panasonic's leader said that its difficult to add focus peaking in GH3

    GH3 is a power beast... and they cant (want) add such a simple task .... ? I REALLY hope Vitaliy can do something about this!!!

  • @toxotis70

    I referenced this interview in other topic.

    And already said that you can get plenty of monitors with peaking and much more.

  • i just saw it... sorry. BUT its not the same... i went m4/3 for run & gun shooting. I left my canons for this... but i dont know anymore! I also sold my sony nex ... bad decision i am afraid. I dont want external monitors in my kind of shooting.

    I hope you can do something .... PLEASE!

  • here they said its a "software" not a technical issue...

    See at the 6m 12sec

  • Peaking is actually quite an easy and pretty cheap task for an imaging engine. I've demonstrated it: and I have even lobbied Olympus for it about 4 years ago.

    I can see mostly 4 reasons why Panasonic doesn't do it (with the least plausible ones being technical):

    • They want to sell more Professional Cameras.

    • They want to sell more AF lenses.

    • They can't have a different image for display and for recording. (Highly unlikely as the display image is scaled down from FHD)

    • No extra room to implement it in the flash EPROM that holds the firmware. (Highly unlikely as there must be room there for updates)

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