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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • Got mine a few days ago (with the 12-35). Bought it in Norway where I live. Found it really weird that I got it shipped to me with printed manuals in Italian, Spanish, French and German, but not English (or Norwegian). I don't need the paper though, so no biggie.

    Only done some trivial indoor testing for now, blaming the weather, temperatures, daytime job and short daylight conditions for now.

    Compared to the DSLR it replaces, the Nikon D5000, I was quite surprised to find the ergonomics of the GH3 to be that much better than the D5000 (which I don't really like the ergonomics of). The GH3 fits my hand perfect. Adding a tele zoom and a prime or two, and I see the volume / weight savings is really going to pay off as well. I can see myself bringing this gear along on many trips the D5000 would be ditched at home for. Hopefully an external flash for it will also add less bulk than for the D5000, on account of smaller lenses not casting the same shadow, but I haven't looked into that.

    Wrt the known issues, I can verify that the EVF has the halo effect and is really sensitive to eye placement. I don't have a problem getting a sharp view though. I use contacts. If I used glasses, I think it could be more difficult. But I am mostly using the OLED monitor. The OLED is very good, and I can't see any color distortion on it.

    Since the MFT system is partially about saving bulk, I found the battery charger to be unnecessary large. It's a small charger, but it still looks like it is twice the size it would need to be. But maybe it needs to be that size.

  • @RBD Do you have any color stills examples that aren't soft or blown out?

  • Hi, I do not have a GH3 yet, I any seriously considering buy one. But I have a GH2.

    GH3 is in stock now in my area(Hong Kong) and yesterday I went into a shop and tested one, mainly the EVF.

    I don't have issue caused by placement of my eye, I am not a permanent perspective glass user at this moment, but my eyes are getting old, so good EVF and good video is a must to me and that is why I go mirrorless and panasonic.

    I found that the GH3 EVF become blurred when I pressed the shutter for focusing, when I released the shutter, the image become normal, I tried a number of times to verify my observation and I confirmed such behavior. It is like a kind of line flickering that made image become blurry.

    Until I confirm that this issues can be fixed, I won't made any decision to buy or not.

  • sorry @RBD don't be mad at me, but I had to sharpen your GH3 still. I just wanted to see how it holds up. Close to medium format I would say!

    4500 x 2816 - 610K
  • Alex, sorry to disappoint you, there is nothing remotely close to MF, what you did looks worse than a telephone picture. To really judge the picture the author must post the image 100%.

    So far GH3 is a disappointment for stills, at least compared to OMD5, but doesn't matter that much, I will still buy two body's very soon for the video capabilities.

    And guys, no offense, can't you do a proper comparison between Gh2 harked and GH3 (IPB 25 fps 50 MB/sec - please no All-I which is crap), on 0 setting (please make it, with the same lens attached, the same scene and the same settings? And put them on Full HD side by side for a proper comparison. It is 2013, and still nobody was able to do such a simple thing. And by the way if somebody dos it please don,t do it at ISO X000 and f 0,95. At least I need to see the camera on a wide angle lens from a tripoid without panning or whatever to be able to compare the detail, colors DR etc.

    Please don't get me wrong, but this was a simple thing to do with takes only hours. Nobody asked for a story or anything, just a simple, sort but rigorous comparison.

    Best regards to all.

  • @Eno - the author also needs to post a picture that is in focus.

  • ummm yeah, whatever medium format camera it is you have,... burn it,.. burn it now!

    cheers for the link Vitaliy.

  • Thank you very much Vitality it is very helpful

  • Another still.

    I know, I know... not sharp enough.

    559 x 780 - 156K
  • Is it the camera that's causing the shots to look like that? My old motorola droid was sharper albeit with less dynamic range.

  • No, the camera is not stable enough. Basic stuff.

  • @themacdeg

    It's better in most ways than the gh2 and some way it's not yet, but until it's hacked, we don't even know it's full potential yet.

  • im sorry but i see no relevance in posting up non sharp image, especially when you know its not sharp unless its a cam issue?

  • @jpturbo-

    The image was retouched to smooth her skin, etc.

    There's more to photography than sharpness, as you might have gathered when no one, gratefully, responded to your sharp but not at all flattering faculty portraits, here

    You victimized these people.

    I especially like the gentleman five down.

    Didn't you think a little color correcton to take the red out of his face might have helped?

    If you knew anything about photography, you'd know that Julia Margaret Cameron commonly kicked the leg of her tripod to improve a portrait.

    The camera is only a tool, and in this case the GH-3 made a more than passable image of a beautiful woman in the idiom of model photography.

    The GH-3 did what I needed, and that's the criteria by which we judge cameras.


  • ah ok i get it. that is your particular portraiture style. not my cuppa tea, i like the more dynamic sharper look myself. each to their own =)

    kicking the tripod is a new one for me though lol.

  • My GH3 body is on the way and now i'm hunting around for suitable lenses for still photography. Any recommendations for portrait and landscape stills for the gh3 would be appreciated.

  • now i'm hunting around for suitable lenses for still photography. Any recommendations for portrait and landscape stills for the gh3 would be appreciated.

    It is wrong topic for such questions.

    Find appropriate lenses category topic with Lenses category and check them.

  • Thanks for the link VK. I found this picture best shows a worst case scenario for GH1/2 much improved by the new GH3 encoder.

    Did any of the hacks for GH1/2 significantly improve the performance of the encoder in the lowest luma region. My own experience is IQ in lowest luma regions never looked as bad as his GH1 picture but also never as good as the GH3 picture here.

    1920 x 1080 - 561K
  • @Eno Yes this is a joke for about 10 weeks now. Nobody worldwide did a serious comparison of GH2/GH3 using close to identical picture profiles and same glass. The best "test" up to now ws somebody filming some goods on a table to compare dynamic range. But he did not use "Nostalgic" on GH2 to compare shadow detail.

  • twixtor on the last shot

    rokinon 8mm fish & 60p

    this was all pretty fast and on the fly, this grade won't be a good way to judge color ; )

  • I guys, i got my gh3 and I've been following this forum during the last month. first of all, I'd like to thank anyone who's sharing his knowledge here, and of course the admin. I've been doing just some little tests untill today, and i found a problem with the "MOV 1280x720, 50 p, 72 Mbps, ALL-INTRA" codec. Please look at the leaves at 00:04, you'll see some macroblocking (I uploaded the original file, straight from the camera)

    pw is 50p_all-i

    ps. i come from DV as a videomaker and this is my first experience as a dlsr/system camera owner.


  • For tight shots (less detail) like facials the Intra setting is very good and you will receive decent QP results. For wider hi detail shots switch to the IPB codecs (like 50M) for better all round quality and less macroblocking.

    Nothing can be done about the All-I stuff until its hacked.

  • Thank you very much nick :)