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Hack Terms FAQ added to the Faqs section
  • Some of us have written an FAQ to explain, in general terms, what Vitaly's Hack actually does for the GH2. It's a basic summary of how the GH2 compresses its data, and why and how this impacts image quality.

    This is the FAQ to read if you're trying to read the forums, and finding a lot of technical stuff and acronyms that are going right over your head. It won't make you design hacks as good as Driftwood's or Sanity or Cake, and it won't tell you which hack is the best one to use. But if you read it, you will understand what I-frames and P-frames are, what GOP is, what intraframing and interframing are, and a few other details that'll help you follow some of the discussions here.

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  • Very nice summary thanks for posting that!

  • 'Some hacks, like Flow Motion, use custom-designed tables of data to improve the quality of the compressed video. '

    Most hacks do! Only a few older settings utilise the stock matrix and deblocking tables.