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How the moon hoax was not done
  • Original title was old school film guy explains how the moon hoax was not done
    Changed by VK

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  • @LPowell

    Good propaganda film made to look as amateur :-) Just stamps after stamps, didn't, don't, they had. Baseless assumptions. Horrible.

  • Vitaliy, If you're going to call him an "idiot" please have the integrity to do so under your own name rather than make it look like my opinion.

  • @LPowell

    I have integrity, I added note to the post.

    Changing title on this site is normal and common practice, to make title fully replect post contents.

    For my opinion it now fully reflect it, as video is just disgusting.

  • Interestingly, I watched a couple of weeks ago the documentary Kubrick's Odyssey part one about this - it was up on vimeo but now it's been removed (author claim or something). The reasoning there was: NASA did get to the moon, but also made Kubrick do a fake movie for the public in order to hide the technology that they had - it was cold war.

    Then it's explained how he used (according to wikipedia frontprojection screens "far larger than had ever been used before" for e.g. the monkey scenes in 2001 and a special projector "which required the largest water-cooled arc lamp available". Filming 2001 and the moon landing preparation periods overlap

    Then it's explained how Kubrick didn't quite liked this job and tried to tell about this in The Shinning - depicting all kinds of clues about Apollo 11 hidden in the film.

    I found it interesting to see.

  • It's ridiculous that there has to be videos like this to convince people how landing on the moon was not a hoax. It only encourages the subject and gives credence to simple minded conspiracy theorists.

  • Vitaly, tell us your personal view. Do you think that moon landing was faked?

  • I think the photos where the shadows go in different directions cannot really be explained, but ppl have tried.

  • I used to think it was fake And after watching this I'm convinced that it in fact would be more trouble to fake it then just do it. I am also a believer that there are UFOs and Aliens out there and it's the reason we haven't really been back. We HAVE been visited, nobody can prove to me that we haven't. WAY too many facts now days.

    Another excuse for why we really went, is because we could have had help from "something" other than humans to achieve this. But at the same time, it IS NASA. They were using "facetime" (the iPhone kind) 20 years before we even know what a cell phone was, so I'm sure they had ARRI alexas, RED, and Panavision also.

  • well at least we know this guy was making 4k cameras for nasa in 2000. I tried to get his advice in building a camera of my own but my design ended up being too expensive.

    on another note you guys might want to check this out. Someone has made their own DIY raw dng cam using a pico-itx board and an industrial camera.

  • @peterosinski

    How it is related to topic? As for DIYers making cameras, it is nothing new or special, bunch of them exist.

  • @vitaliy_Kiselev

    I was referring to gravitates's post right before mine saying " it IS NASA. They were using "facetime" (the iPhone kind) 20 years before we even know what a cell phone was, so I'm sure they had ARRI alexas, RED, and Panavision also"

    I was just making the point that they had a camera that was shooting like the RED about 7 years before it came out thats all

    edit: and as for diy'ers its news to me. I haven't seen much in the way of custom cameras but I find it interesting. If you have any other links to info on it i'd appreciate it if you'd send it my way.