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Our Lady Peace - Documentary Shot with GH2 & Mysteron Patch
  • Hey Guys,

    Thought I'd share some footage with you guys from a project in the Summer. I shot this BTS doc for Our Lady Peace's latest music video "As Fast as You Can". This is just for the community's speculation on the camera/patch.

    There is some HVX-200 footage intermixed, and maybe 5 shots from a 5D - but other than that, the whole thing was done with two GH2's on Driftwood's Mysteron patch. There is also a bunch of 16 & 32mm film footage shot with antique lenses, but it should be pretty easily identifiable.

    Skip to the 5:55 mark if you need to see the most exciting / visually pleasing content.

    It was graded mostly with Synthetic Aperture & Shian's Color Ghears.


    Side Note: If anyone is interested you can see the actual music video here:

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  • Awesome! I used to listen to Our Lady Peace back in the day... haven't heard that name forever. I grew up in Canada so, they were bigger there when I was in school.

    So, does the music video itself have any GH2 footage?

  • Hey @L1N3ARX, the music video was shot purely on 16mm & 35mm film stocks.