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GH2, 20mm Pancake and follow focus?
  • Hello, I use a GH2 and a Edelkrone Pocket Rig. My problem: I need a follow focus I can use with my Pana 20mm, 1,7. Problem: The focus ring of the pancake optic is very close to the camera body. With "normal" solutions the lens gear is blocked by the camara body. Any ideas?

    The follow focus should also work with the Pana 7-14 and 14-42, Nikkor: 24 2,8; 35 2.0; 85 2.0; 180 2,8. I guess, with all these lenses there will be no problem - hopefully.


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  • I've seen solutions with the 20mm using a friction (rubber ring?) rather than geared interface to the follow-focus.

  • BurnetRhoades, do you remember the company?

  • The friction setup was homebrew, allowing any follow-focus to work. The gear drive grips and turns the rubber. I seem to recall he used wrist bands that he got at a party store, kinda like what various causes use after they've picked their color.

  • Here is an example of a FF configuration for SLR magic 12mm, pancake and slr magic seem to share the same focus ring distance so it might work.

    But if you want something more like a real FF I suggest you to check Lanparte FF + extension arm.

    Anyway two things to consider : Panny 20mm has electronic focus ring, it is not very convenient with FF. You will have to use rubber focus gears (gear belts) because they are more compact and won't touch the body, but from personal experience that kind of gear belts are a pain in the butt, the FF gear skips tooth easily because of the rubber material. Hope it helps !

  • @rod, I cut my rubber focus grip to size to custom fit my 20mm, then I melted the rubber back together and it work great; so now I can turn my follow focus dial a full 360 degrees with out stopping.

  • Tranks all, the real problem ist is indeed that the Pana 20mm has a electronic focus ring. The more I film with the GH2, the more I like the Nikkor AIS glas, much easier.

  • You wonder if the 20mm f1.7 could be modified via firmware update to be constant rate manual focus. It would then be not so bad for follow focus using the silicon wristband method with the IDC friction focus system.