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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • Thanks, @Kairutan indeed, even viewed from vimeo compression, it is very usable. Just to get me out of doubts, this lenses you used are a little soft in fast aperture? And what iso did you use it shows little noise in dark areas, may I guess iso 800?

    Beside that it really shows some dynamic range increase maybe almost 2 stops, and I didn't saw absolutely no banding, did you notice any in original footage? I just love how GH3 resolve colours even if you graded it, it shows much more precision.

    Thanks again

  • @leonbeas It was a very enjoyable shoot. The ISO never went above 400 on that shoot. I kept it at 200 for most of it. The Helios is a bit soft at F/2.0. The Nikon is pretty decent but F/2.8 was pushing it in that setting sun. I watched my histogram squish to the one edge and I eventually stopped shooting because of it. I didn't want to go up to ISO 800. I feel that shooting at that sensitivity can sometimes give an undesirable image. Especially when dealing with a lot of shadows. I prefer those blacks to be inky instead of fuzzy. I really feel the GH3 has some great strengths in this area.
    The only time I've noticed banding was during my last shoot "About," I didn't include the footage in the actual video though. It was a shot of a plane against the blue sky. It really was a very good range in the original footage but Premiere's compression brought it out. I refused to put up on Vimeo because I didn't want to give people the wrong idea about the camera. I'll attach a screen grab of the original footage. I only did a subtle luma curve correction on the last shot in "Set." Other than that, I did a small warp stabilizer on the 8th shot to get rid of a shake. That was it, no other correction was done. Mostly original footage. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1512 x 847 - 1015K
  • @Swiss_Boy 25p mov straight import into fcpx without problems.

  • Sunrise in my local park this morning although there turned out to be a distinct lack of sun! I know it's not perfect and I struggled keeping the look consistent as it got more saturated if not brighter, still learning!, but I am loving the GH3 there was so little light started off mainly at f2.8 ISO800 to get 1/50 and I was still happy with the results. Interesting that it gets compared to the other DLSR etc. cameras, for me coming from handy cam looking to move to next level with interchangeable lenses and bigger sensor, it was between this and sony VG30 from a price point for me. So glad I went with the GH3..

  • so, nobody write about anamorphic... i am quite sad... Two years ago, I wrote on dvxuser/AF100 about the possibility of zooming trought the size of the sensor, but, the same, no answer. Today, we have this option even on smartphone!!! Some cameras have it too. G5 and GH3 have a zoom roker, but this function not! Not yet! It is EX, but nobody wants zooming?!... So, I ask you for an answer about the posibility of shooting anamorphic (1920/800 if you wnat 2.4 aspect ratio) directily in camera. It will be the better at the easiest way... No adapters, no more work in post, less pixels to process=more room for codec. I tried with ptool for GH2, but it was only for mjpeg, and the resul has not the natural proportions. So, what do you have to say about this guys?

  • @crisvpl

    I think it is yout second post on the subject in two days, just use general GH3 topic, not this one.

  • Is there an official panasonic site for firmware bug feedback? The mic level display disappears when one pushes AF/AE lock.

  • i found this great video done with GH3

  • Great looking video! It has that nice vintage look to it in several parts. I'm also a fan of Voigtlander 25mm + GH3 combo.

  • Here i found one more ...

  • Some shots I did at Tivoli Copenhagen. No tripod, just to get use to the camera and test for daily work. Like it very much to work with. Its fast.

  • When in doubt, read the instructions.

    If worse comes to worst, follow them.

  • have gh3 problems banding in sky??? my gh2 a lot of i dont like

  • The GH3 handles gradation better than GH2. I'm sure you can still get banding as its an 8bit codec but it isn't near as prone to it as the GH2 at least in my experience so far.

  • I've seen very little banding in anything with the Gh3. It's quite amazing...

  • No banding, can't notice even at high ISO during low light ... GH3 is a gift from heaven :-)

  • Short video from my vacation. Mainly shot on GH3 25/50p 50 mbps. Portrait -3-3-3-5. 12-35mm with B+w ND filter and Canon 24-70mm USM II with Genus Eclypse variable ND. Was very happy with it.

  • @Tobsen Great job! Those extra stops of dynamic range came in handy for that one.

  • got my gh3 today and have a quick question, and i'm sorry if it's been asked and answered already.

    I notice when panning from lighter to darker areas I see some kinda of twitch take place. Is this some kind of "auto" setting I need to disable? or is it new new version of the "greenish color shift after hitting record" as seen on the GH2? LOL

    just watched it on my computer and the funny thing is my monitor doesn't show it happening, so I guess it's the gh3 making auto brightness adjustments based on the exposure it sees?

  • I was filming the last weekend extensively with GH1, GH2 and the GH3. The GH1 only had a few shots, but the GH2 and GH3 had the same amount of takes, because all was filmed from 2 angles. Now to compate the amount of card space used: The GH2 which is hacked with Sanity 5.0 used 87 GB in 720/50p mode and the GH3 filmed with 1080/50p 50 Mbit IPB used up 105 GB. So that is not so much of a difference.

  • Just some test shots, graded with Film Convert

  • Hi there everyone, can someone please post some raw gh3 footage for testing.

    3 or 4 seconds. Fullhd 24p 30p 60p, iso 200, 400, 800, 1600, 6400 72mb/s 50mb/s .mov

    Mediafire would be great.


  • @ ehmeddie : check out my short test on GH3 banding and using grain plug-ins to help. As a note, banding is much less than the GH2.