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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 3
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  • @Paddy Gh3 seem to only send out 50i or 60i no matter what framerate you choose

  • @hoodlum I ordered at Henrys and paid with Paypal only for them to cancel my order and the reason being they dont ship Taiwan. Sucks

  • @shayanxtra, try Aden Camera in Toronto. I have purchased most of my m43rd body and glass from them. Actually, wait for a few minutes cuz I'm going down there to get my gh3 first and don't want the last one lol.

  • @shayanxtra

    Their shipping page online mentions orders outside of Canada/US need to be done through the phone. You could try that.

  • For me, the new GH3 look better than gh2 : I test it in documentary situation and I prefer the body, the menu, , the short cuts… most intuitive and reassuring. But i'm waiting with impatience the future Hack !! (for time removal, film look, noiseless & aliasing & moiré… Thanks Vitaliy, driftwood & co for your precious work !! For Audio GH3 : the new microphone on the gh3 appear very chip and a very bad location back of the flash grip, perhaps panasonic want we'll buy the new shot gun. For the moment I use a old schoeps mono cardio with phatom body alim… davidof of france.

  • WHAT???

    The GH3 screen looks horrible, color smearing, banding... it's crap! Unless we just got a bad cam. The GH3 is a BIG letdown.

    And the Hacks are stable if you use the right cards, and you hack it properly. NEVER had a problem with hacked GH2. never.

  • @klodavid Thanks for you ingenuity, I'll stay happily with my trustful GH2. We have to accept this is a minor tick as Canon did with the 6D. The video quality it maybe the same with some fancy add, but it's very, very hard to justify the price they ask for. I admire VK but asking to rebuild the GH3 it may be too much even for him. Personally I've focused my love for beautiful pictures on learning my best the cameras I own, and balancing their limits improving my skill in post. Cheaper and more rewarding. My 2 cents

  • @shian :-) Can't wait to see your tests!

    Btw: First and foremost the 5DmkIII encoder uses just 4x4 transform (like the GH2) and employs High Profile Level 5.1 for All-I and High Profile Level 4.1 for IPB. Everything is encoded using CAVLC (All-I and IPB) and NO scaling matrices are found to be used if my analysis using Elecard is correct. All-I is around 90Mbps avg / 100Mbps allocation max.

    Contrary to the Canon 5DMKiii encoder, the new Panasonic GH3 encoder uses Adaptive 8x8 and 4x4 transform and is thus 12% more efficient. It's All-I rec modes chooses High Profile lvl 5.0 CAVLC to encode - IPB employs CABAC High Profile level 4.1. All the GH3 modes share the same scaling matrix sets. Now whether @shian 's results are down to the wide use of 8x8 transform encode for most of the GH3 picture might well be revealing.

    So you can see there are marked differences in the codec between the GH3 and the 5DMK3.

    Incidentally, the 7D, 60D, and 5DmkII use baseline profile and are not cut out for hi level encoder hacking! Period.

    @cbrandin Confides this sensible summary regarding the GH3 vs GH2 to me;-

    "I would expect the 50Mb stuff to look great. The 72Mb all I frame isn't going to look as good as your GH2 GOP1 patches - at least I'd be very surprised if it did.

    As for 4x4 vs 8x8, the codec estimators determine when to use them based on achieving a target image quality. It seems logical to me that 4x4 would be used on edges that go to extremes because that allows for more variation in QP values and matrices used for individual macroblocks."

    This makes reasonable sense. More to be revealed in my forthcoming Panasonic GH3 Review 8: 'GH3 v GH2: Sogni D'oro Don Canoneone' (out by the weekend ...hopefully)

  • @shian

    The GH3 screen looks horrible, color smearing, banding... it's crap! Unless we just got a bad cam. The GH3 is a BIG letdown.

    Remember that you make objective test, not something made on emotional breakdown :-)

  • With a normal postprod I think the GH3 with the 50P make the job. The firmwire is a just so young. but the body and electronic very correctly...

  • and if you compare gh2 without hack with gh3 the difference is important (gh2 looks very poor)

  • @driftwood as you'll see from today's shooting (to be posted later this week) that much of your discussion with Chris will prove accurate. The GH3 72 ALL-I is really bad in low light, and even worse in low light high DR, while the AVCHD stuff looks pretty damn good. The noise is still blocky, and not fine like GH2 Intravenus, but the GH3 has nearly 2 stops of additional DR on the shadow side. Once it's hacked to shoot over 100MB/s the GH3 will be awesome. Right now it's on par quality wise with an unhacked GH2 but with more DR shooting in AVCHD 24p. The quicktime modes look terrible in our tests.

    @VK I guess I'll just have to take a picture of the screen when it displays low light images like it's only capable of 256 colors. Has no one else experienced this with theirs? The screen looks great on playback, but when shooting in low light or wide DR the image breaks down, and the colors are not even close to accurate.

  • This forum is terrific and its great that theres people out there testing the limits of the cameras!

    @shian Is your recommendation for us that need to start shooting jobs with the GH3 right now to use the 50mbit .mov setting? I have never owned a GH2 and the GH3 is my first step in to dslr-style shooting. Before I have only used ENG type cameras and the audio abilities, timecode, better batteries and over all good easy to use video was the reason that I choose the GH3. I haven´t had time to shoot any real job yet but I really love the image, the handling and the fast lenses available for m4/3. On a rig with all extra equipment (sound, light, monitor maybe a Vmount battery) its a good professional camcorder and striped down it looks like a any tourist camera. Great for documentary work!

  • @Shian thanks for the time you are putting in to these tests, very valuable feedback, I look forward to hearing more :)

    If the GH3 is on a level that is close to the unhacked GH2 in video, but has increased stills quality, I can see this would still be a positive upgrade for some people. For those who already have a GH2 the question of a hack might be an issue. What I do see are quite a few comments wondering if a hack as just down the road, but everyone should consider that hacking a camera is no small undertaking, added to this is the fact that an earlier poster who indicated that they worked at Panasonic commented on the fact that hacking the GH3 may have been made more difficult/impossible? by the manufacturer, that post was editted later but I think assuming that the GH3 will be hacked is not a great idea.. Don't get me wrong I hope that the GH3 ends up being tweaked, but I think VK has achieved great things already and if there were no further goodies down the road I am still a happy bunny :)

    These comments were aimed at nobody in particular, I think a lot of people are looking at a possible upgrade, and it is strange how our brains deal with all of this information and conflicting viewpoints, I find it interesting I may still go for a GH3 at some point, but untill that time.. Thanks for all of the feedback and reviews! :)

  • @shian

    • The screen terribly under-exposed: the pictures are finally absolutly over-exposed in FCP!
    • The viewfinder is useless.
    • Intra is horrible.
    • The .mov have problems cadences.

    Unfortunately the list is long...

    I do not even understand that Panasonic does not compromise the output of this device!

  • @From_Paris

    We got "all is horrible" thing you repeat in each and every post.

    Please post photo with you and GH3 in the frame and your test video made with GH3.

  • You can kind of see it in this shot - the LCD looks green and dark. (GH3 on left) but the EVF looks closer to the GH2 colors. And you can kind of see the color smearing I'm talking about on the right 3rd of the screen. It'll require a bigger higher rez shot of just the screen to really see it.


    And you can also see my reaction to the increase in sensor crop as well as the LCD dismay. (That's my WTF face.)


  • @from Paris, you exaggerate… I think you have a factice copy of Taiwan's GH3… or you don't dominate yours setting on gh'3.

  • And that's one thing no one seems to be talking about. The sensor is considerably smaller. We have identical Nikon 85mm lenses on the cams [the one on the right has a step-down ring on it so it looks different, but it's not]. The GH3 is actually sitting about an inch further away from the subject, and you can see how much of the image is cropped compared to the GH2. I'd hazard a guess, and say it's 20% more crop than the GH2.

    Yes, we swapped the lenses to see if that made any difference. It did not.

  • shian yes the gh3 sensor is smaller, but is not very important for make a good film if you have a good lens. 16/9 GH2 def 4976 X 2800 total pixel 13932800 16/9 GH3 def 4608 X 2592 total pixel 11943936

  • And that's one thing no one seems to be talking about.

    It had been talked to the death in previous series :-) And no, it is not 20%.

    Please, use less emotions. Just provide facts, not interpretation.

  • 13932800 / 11943936 = 1,166 = 16,6% différence

    The Actual broadcast TV format is 2K and the future 4K (4096/2160)

    the GH3 will can make 4K ?

  • 13932800 / 11943936 = 1,166 = 16,6% différence

    Difference in what? Total pixel count? And?

    the GH3 will can make 4K ?


  • Vitaliy_k, it was just a question… for transform a GH3 like a Canon C300 4k