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GH3 Wi-Fi Questions and Apps discussions
  • Intended to discuss all the wi-fi related things only.

    Plus AppStore and Android apps.

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  • Question: The camera and phone/tablet has to be on the same Wi-Fi network right?

  • @hillTop1 They do not have to be linked via the same wifi network as the GH3 can link directly with the smartphone/tablet via Wifi Direct.

    What sort of range this has I have no idea ....

  • I have a little Wifi problem I connectet the GH3 with my through my network with my computer and send about 10 pictures to the Computer (Win7) But when I try for reestablish the connection selecting from the history, where my router can be found besides the Lumix Link, I get the message: "No destination found" But it did find it 5 minutes earlier and did send pictures to the computer!

    I have shut the GH3 down and started again and still the same result. I have now also rebooted the PC, but still the same. "No destination found"

    I then made a new connection to send pictures to the PC via Wifi and it worked perfectly. Once. When I then try to reconnect from previous connections iI always get "No destination found" or "Can not find acccess point".

    When I make a new connection, even the same subject, pictures from camera to PC after taking the pictures, it works again.

    I use manual connection, select the router and enter the password (which is a pain because it is long andd complicated). Then it works. I do not have a WPS router to press a button and it I use WPS (PIN Code) it says "Failes to connect with Wireless Accces Point. So manual connection is the only way for me, which works, if I make a new one.

    It seems, that the GH3 does not store the previous connections properly. Any idea? Perhaps one has to click "remember password" somewhere. But I did not find it yet.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Sph1nxster, really? I thought when the GH3 was announced the said it has to be in same network. If that's the case then that's really good. (more check mark for me to add as possible reason to get a GH3) Doesn't the mobile device has to be Wi-Fi Direct capable too?

  • Well put it like this, i have linked my GH3 with my Iphone 4s with no issues. Remote live view, playback, downloading photos to Iphone all handled very well. Have also used Ipad with great results.

  • Remote live view, playback, downloading photos to Iphone all handled very well.

    So with wifi your ipad becomes a wireless monitor for framing and checking composition?

  • We'll need professionals to check all wi-fi technical sides. Standard (actuall used), speed, etc.

    To know limits :-)

  • Is it possible to touch to autofocus during video recording?

  • @brianluce - So with wifi your ipad becomes a wireless monitor for framing and checking composition?

    yes you are able to see on the ipad what the camera is currently looking at.

  • No problem connecting GH3 to iPad, but I haven't been able to successfully connect to my network (manual or WPS) or directly to my macbook. The macbook airport sees the GH3 and reports "connected" after i put in the password, but the GH3 itself just says "connecting..." In fact, the GH3 will occasionally lock up and require battery pull to terminate.

    Resolved the Lumix Club issue...I can now post pics from the camera to Picasa on my home network. Still can't send pics to the MBP.

  • Would like to see how the wifi video is made available. Is it using standard stream format; something that VLC could connect to.

  • Im not able to get the lumix link app to work on my iPhone 5 but on my iPhone 4 it works fine-is this a known issue?

  • lumix link works great on samsung galaxy s2 but it doesnt work on my acer iconia500 tablet (it cant connect to the camera)

  • anyone know if you can connect multiple cameras to one remote and switch between them?

  • Did I miss something out, or did those videos show what happens when you press the Record Video button? Does this work? (do you get live monitoring WHILE recording?) For me, that would be the most important feature....

  • I would like to know the following when someone can do any testing.

    1) What is the range you can use an ipod or android device away from the camera, and does it only work behind the camera, or can it work from in front or to the sides of the camera or below the camera, say if the camera was on a 20 foot boom pole. Is the range different depending on if you are in front, back, to the side or below the camera. Does the device have to have either side facing the camera or does it work equally whether the screen of your device is towards or away from the camera?

    2) I read in the fine print somewhere about a technology called direct wifi and how some apple or android devices do not have this specific feature, this may be the reason some people's devices with claimed wifi work while some do not, as this so called direct wifi (or it may be called something similar like that I can't remember exactly) is not in every device that is claimed to be a wireless apple or android device.

  • @Toronto.
    I use an IPhone 4 and it works from all sides. It worked when I was in the 2. floor of our house and the camera was on the ground floor. And it worked up to a distance of about 50 meters (about 165 feet)

  • @paralion I do not get a live monitor while filming.

  • Ok thanks Aked at least the range is good. And the other question I forgot to ask which seems to have been answered but I wasn't sure, if on mac or android is it possible to monitor video while in record, and if so can you change any of the settings, focus, etc. while in video record. I saw a video of an android phone which had a bar accross the screen that appeared only after the camera started recording, but I was not sure if the same thing happens on an ipod/iphone/ipad.

    Unfortunately the wireless will be almost of no use to me unless one can do live monitoring and change things while the camera is still recording video.

    Oh, I just saw above, multi cam connections, that would be interesting to find out about too.

  • @AKED thanks. I assume there is no hope for a change in an upgrade, as the WIFI would interfere with the recording and therefore cant be active. So its probably not going to happen :(

  • alright i got remote shooting working with the nexus 7 and my iPhone 4s. took me too long to realize the difference between the connection modes. i thought 'send images while recording' would enable the features that 'remote shooting' enables. RTFM i suppose... clyde

  • After searching for possible solutions for getting GH3 connected to my Macbook - and not finding anything - I made a complete test and have found out that, at least with the current firmware, GH3 can find my shares only if a windows machine is on the network. I suppose GH3 relies heavily on NETBIOS protocol for finding network shares. Despite it is stated in the GH3 Users Guide that it shall work with a Mac, if I only have a Mac on my network GH3 says "No destination found". As soon as I start Windows (in Parallels), all my shares, including a USB memory stick attached to Airport Extreme are found. For more details read my blog post here:

  • It took me about an hour to get Lumix-Link working on my wife's Kindle HD, Lumix-Link isn't available in the amazon app store but there is an easy work around if you have another android device. The display actually looks quite nice, I hope there is a firmware upgrade soon so its possible to both start and stop video recording, in fact I'm hoping a 3rd party app shows up with things like a WFM and false color/peaking focus MF aid.