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GH3 sensor failure?
  • I was taking some Pictures at Alexander platz in Berlin when my GH3 sensor literaly died from one shoot to the next. In an instant the image from the sensor is mostly rolling banding with a fainth unclear image of the subject. Se Attached file. The camera still takes Pictures if you press the shutter, but the recorded images are allmost as bad as the liveview on the LCD/viewfinder. The dislay Works ok during playback of previously recorded pictures. Have the sensor gone bad? I tried a different lens, but there was the same malfunction regardeless. Comments.

    The camera is obviousl under guarantee, but the body have suffered some minor dents during use - but still worked perfectly until my Berlin trip. I have a slight worry the shop might try to blame the malfunction as a result of the minor dents.

    Any comments on this strange malfunction?

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  • In case it's a sudden software problem in the sensor pipeline, reset the camera and/or re-flash the firmware...