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New Promo (Support Group Session: Scarlet works up the courage to confront her problem.)
  • Ok, after a crazy month of coming up with an idea, pre-pro, shooting and editing, the launch day for the company is here and that means the promo is finished :) Thanks for everyones help in the editing process. It really helped out. There's always things people like and don't like. What are you going to do?!

    Of course shot with BMCCs and all Rokinon Cine glass. 16mm, 24mm, 35mm and 85mm. ProResHQ and graded in Resolve.

    If you like it and even though product, which is a great, I would love if you could share the video for us. You know how it is, more views equal better perception. And my girlfriend sank $150,000 of her own money in starting the company. More info on it can be found on the youtube channel. BTW, all the other videos in the channel were shot with GH2s and Moon5 I believe. :)

    Thanks again PV! Remember to set it to 720 or 1080 as it's not optimized yet. Mad shot out to Kholi for DP'ing that day and bringing his awesome sound guy and swing.

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  • @vicharris Looks like you nailed it on final edit, in terms of timing/flow etc. Great work on this video - pro stuff really. (My only suggestion (if you're still tweaking video), is that I didn't know what the product was even after seeing the website posted at the end. I figured it was something to do with tampons given the video, but maybe add something to that last page such as " My True Moon - an organic tampon that's much safer where it counts most.")

    Congrats to your girlfriend on the company launch. I don't know much about tampons, but the product sounds very good for women. I know quite a few women who are into organic and safe products (who doesn't?!), and will definitely forward video to them.

    Guys on PV, let's definitely get behind @vicharris on this one. He's been a longtime member and constant contributor to this site, so if you know any women who might be interested, definitely forward this video to them.

    Congrats and best wishes for a successful launch.

  • SUPER!!!

    Good luck in company kickoff :D

  • Thanks @matt_gh2, appreciate it man and yep, this, as you can see by the channel was the final edit. I couldn't stand it anymore!

    @maxr Thanks too and launching a new company is always crazy!!

  • Good luck with it. Exciting. Hard working. But exciting!

  • Looks great, sounds great! Congrats!

  • Looks great, Vic! Color, cut, everything. Great job :D.

  • @5thwall

    Thanks Michael, means a lot coming from a post guy!