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Hacking electronic gearing of panasonic lenses?
  • I have attempted to find where to locate this post and I hope this is right.

    Just bought an Edelkrone FF for my GH3 rig and it is really nice but a thought occurred to me. The "throw" on the follow focus is very small when using the Edelkrone "tie-wrap" type gears, so I wondered if it is possible to affect the gearing ratio of the fly-by-wire focus of the Panasonic lens (especially 12-35 and 35-100). Would make subtle adjustments of focus a lot easier. I realise I could ask the same question of Edelkrone to see can they produce different gearing (unlikely it has to be said) or maybe could try a much bigger diameter lens gear, but a way to lower the sensitivity of the lens would be really handy (let you leave on lens gear...) - for me anyway.


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  • FF is absoultely useless for panasonic lenses. Position of focus ring does not determinate focus.