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KineRAW S35 digital cinema camera for US$8000
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  • Dan Hudgins is somewhat nuts. We've crossed paths a few times on REDuser. Just because he uses a bunch of DOS programs he wrote himself to process footage doesn't mean anyone else has to - or should. I'm sure it's not the easiest footage to work with, but no matter what, Dan always makes things much harder for himself than he has to.

  • What are the frame-rates on this bad boy?

    Nevermind, you can delete this...

  • He may be a pixel-peeper, but explains it pretty well. You can get a clue why a Scarlet is cheaper than an Epic (sheer processing power) and that Red and BM are given away quite some value with RCX or Resolve for free.

    Looks like Dan will be doing the RCX-counterpart for the KineRAW…

  • I think it takes a guy like Dan Hudgins to get thinks right.

    The footage he developed from RAW looks really good. The guys who developed the same for Panasonic might have run into performance issues that limits their possibilities. All that banding and green/yellow stuff the GH2 shows might be caused because of bad or quick and dirty RAW develop methods they use (or are forced to use) ... You can't make thinks hard enough for your self as long as you still are able to come up with results.

  • Do you think we will ever have a similar "milky" log look in a GH-2 or 3? Or is our hardware to geared to consumers for Panasonic to add that? Clearly any of the CMOS sensors can output a log stream if the firmware allowed it.

  • Use low contrast Canon FD Lenses that flare well. Very milky!

  • Am I reading that right? The last two images were the raw shots?

  • @CRFilms

    Am I reading that right? The last two images were the raw shots?

    Yes. That's why it confuses me when people complain about limited ISO selection on a raw camera. You can adjust such things in post with raw.

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