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Best indoor mic for under $1,000?
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  • ISK polar patterns.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 12.13.25 PM.png
    1183 x 746 - 241K
  • I think it is ridiculous, absurd, really, that they did this test without using the Oktava hypercardioid. Although the Oktava cardioid is clearly better than the other two.

  • @DrDave

    Do you have multiple hypercardioid mikes?

  • Ummm maybe eight or nine--some ppl don't return them, not sure exactly.

  • The Slate Virtual Mic is utterly amazing. Best money I ever spent. About $75,000 worth of microphones for $999.

  • @shian

    It'll be interesting to see real scientific objective review.

    As it is just condenser mike with added software, and something tells me that aside from added IMD and noise from preamp simulator all you have is EQ settings.

    But it'll be interesting if you can compare padded generated linear input and output from software.

  • There's plenty of videos on Youtube comparing it to the real thing some with different performances and others with the mics mounted so they're right next to each other capturing the same performance.... and it's almost indistinguishable. The mic itself is perfectly neutral and flat in its response. The color comes from the algorithms created from intensive analysis of the real thing, not too different from the routine a Kemper profiling amp uses to profile an amplifier accurately.

    (like this one


  • @shian

    Thanks, but it is still subjective. Proper way is to connect padded linear output instead of mike, generate known signal and observe result after emulation.

  • Sure... but the only thing that matters is how it sounds... if it sounds like the real deal, and characteristically does to the signal what the real deal does... in a mix, at the end of the day it does not matter.

  • I was also skeptical about slate vms,I have owned it for a year now ..although I never owned the real microphones it emulating ,I can say the vms is a great tool and provides many options for post (rather than one flavor fit all for a vocals for example) .. now vk you might be right ,it may only be eq algorithms ,but each mic emulation is distinct enough to have a lot of options in post

  • now vk you might be right ,it may only be eq algorithms ,but each mic emulation is distinct enough to have a lot of options in post

    Actually using equalizer can be more useful as it teaches you universal things.

  • @shian Looks kinda heavy. I started out with an NTG3, heavy, but nice sound. I don't mind heavy though because I like to make my sound boy suffer (he loves it). I picked up a pair of Jim William's custom modded AKG C 460 Bs which sound really nice, but I still yearn for a Schoeps.

  • I meant to say NT3, obviously.

  • My 3 most favourite all around videomics are: Sennhiser MKH 416, Røde NTG3 and Oktava MK-012 Hyper.