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SWIVI SV-50HⅡ - 5in Swivel/Removable Monitor
  • I was wondering when the Mark2 would come out:

    5in LCD, 1024x600, Peaking, Zoom, HDMI Loop-thru, Dual LPE6 type batteries in Base, Removable Screen, For Crop and Full frame body types.

    PRICE: Going locally in Mainland China for 2185 RMB/356 USD.

    540 x 360 - 28K
    540 x 360 - 34K
    540 x 360 - 47K
    540 x 360 - 27K
    598 x 410 - 42K
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  • Man, imagine a 70D with a Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 plus this... too much gear, too little time :-)

  • Some good news. Since I am based in Guangzhou now, I contacted the factory and I will pick up a unit next week when I'm free. Will post a quick look - and let you guys know if it's worth it. I have a D800 and a GH2.

  • @last_SHIFT What's it like then?

  • Interesting idea. Wish all camera manufacturers made monitors that could be re-located on cameras.

    I would love to hear any feedback on screen quality and colour reproduction.

  • @driftwood and @RatLabProductions

    Hi, I got it last week but been too busy to play much with it. Mind you I got a 'sample' product that was prolly a demo so it may not be an indication of final production quality. It's made of mostly plastic with some metal parts and has somewhat of a cheapo feeling but don't let that fool you - its surprisngly sturdy. The hinge that flips the screen is pretty butch. I quickly hooked it up to my D800 and the screen quality wasn't bad for the price - color fidelity I would say is on par or slightly better then my SmallHD DP4. Green peaking seemed OK. There was a lag when I pressed record, but that may be to the D800 outputting to 720. Some quick notes (again read my disclaimer above). The battery door in the grip was way too easy to pop off, the screen hood also pops off when the wind blows, and since the screen is removable, i noticed a couple of times when i challenged the hinge, the screen would lose its signal. I'll have some pics and maybe more info whan I get a chance to use it properly. If you have any questions, will try and answer.