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Problems Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB class 10 95MB/s card on Panasonic GH3
  • I tested my new memory card - a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB class 10 95MB/s card. I was very surprised the camera mentioned I only had 0,5 hour of recording time - also when I re formatted the card twice. I was using the AVCHD mode 50 p 28 Mbps.

    Same amount recording time, also when I switched to MP4 and Mov. I double checked the card on my notebook just to be sure they didn't place a wrong sticker - but it actually is 32 GB.

    Then I tried some more cards and it's not the camera - it's this card. Have bought another card and it has the same problem here.

    Then I tried resetting the whole camera to factory defaults - still the same problem. I made a recording of 0:30 hour and then checked the memory card on my macbook. It sais I have still 25,4 GB memory left. When I putted my card back into the GH3 it said I have again 30 minutes despite the fact that it told me earlier that it was full. Then I initialized the card again, getting again the 30 minutes. Shoot spent 60+ euro's spend on a 32 GB card that's runs so poor!

    Hope somebody has an answer as I will have lots of problems returning these cards. Guess the card maker will blame Panasonic and vice versa.

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  • We have special topic for this cards

    One of the weird behaviour reasons can be just fake card, as such cards are very popular targets for scams. So, source where you get cards is also very important.

  • Others brands/cards don't do the same thing ? Otherwise, it might just be the limited recording time of a PAL european cam (not yet hacked!)... 30 min for each take.

  • Thanxs guys - I just registered it a Sandisk so I guess I will hear soon enough if I have a fake.

    Astraban - why are my other 16 GB class 6 Transcend cards mentioning real time? Anyway I thought the GH3 just made a new file after 30 minutes and didn't stop. I will try a few new shoots to,see if after 30 minutes it will record more. On my first trial it stopped saying it was full.

  • On mine sandisk extreme pro 32gb I have a few clips - ~22 min in total and when I hit record, it says 29:59 (PAL, EU). But on the left side of the display you can see the actual already recorded time. Everytime you push record you will see the 29:59 limit which is not the actual space you have left on the card.

  • Thanks Feonn - but if this is true. - If it's this thing to avoid European taxes. This means my 'OO come on dig in your wallet and spend some more this time on the really good cards instead off the normal cards' only brought me cards which I can't monitor on recording time left ;-(

    MMMM next time I'll spend less money and go for the lower speed Transcends. What a bloody dumper!

  • Ok I tested it throughout now - it's indeed the 29:59 (PAL, EU) restriction. Not very helpful because I can't monitor how much space is left on my card annymore thanks to spending more on a better card. Or is there?

  • You mean that you see the remaining limit only with the sandisk cards? Personally I'd prefer to monitor the EU limit and calculate the remaining time by the already recorded. Hopefully after the gh3 hack we'll have that problem resolved.

  • But I can't see the already recorded not on my screen. Only the file I'm recording at that time. Or am I missing something Feonn?