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Alphatron EVF-035W-3G (upcoming video review)
  • Anyone owns or used this EVF ?

    I might do a video review next week, so i wonder if there is an interest on this and what do you want to know or what should i test ? I can test it only with GH3, i don't own any GH2 at present time.

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  • I bought one for my company to be used with the Sony FS700. I like it a lot. I actually haven't had the time to properly test it witht the GH3 so I would be quite interested in your review. Maybe some monitor calibration tips would be great.

  • Sounds interesting, considering it for the fs700.

  • @RRRR , it is universal EVF not specific to FS700 ...

  • @feha I know, but it´s mainly needed for the fs700 (in my/our situation).

  • @RRRR, ah OK sorry i don't own any other camera except GH3, i won't be able to test with any other camera at present time ...

  • that´s allright.. more interested in the feel / handling of the viewfinder than anything. If someone else can give their pennies worth on fs700 related stuff then that´s of course great but in the main - the viewfinder is what´s important. :)

  • there is a new version now: main thing is a new lens in the loop with a special coating to prevent burn in on LCD screen. Old versions can be upgraded by changing the lens. (nevertheless I would still be very very careful)

  • I am interested in it's ability to do anamorphic stretch