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Logitech: Story of another idiots
  • According to new CEO Bracken P Darrell, the "disappointing" results will require immediate action to turn around -- action that includes selling off its remote control (read: Harmony) and digital video security divisions. Harmony remote sales fell off by 55 percent based on units, although a focus on higher end devices like the new Touch meant revenue declined only 24 percent.


    Of course they fell off, as Logitech is now putting color screens in each they can find (can anyone tell me why?).

    And all retailers are flooded by absolutely crappy shit someone by accident is calling "universal remotes" (retailer can have 250% margin on them :-) ).

    As user of two Logitech remotes (one cheap and one their top one) I am really upset.
    This guys already fucked their internet radios I like, now it is remotes.

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  • This story reminds me on DSR radio technology, it had fantastic sound quality but it just lacked big lobby so it was literally cuted off air. All who bought the receiver (me too) had some expensive electronical waste to get rid of. If someone interested about that truly idiotical story:

  • I was looking to buy a universal remote not long ago. The Harmony line seemed to be the most functional, but they all looked like shit. I couldn't get myself to buy one. Most brands looked like bloated pieces of crap, and the one or two I found that had a more discrete, elegant design seemed to be very lacking with regards to the programming/functionality/device support again.

    Then I figured out that one universal remote is still one remote too many cluttering up my table, so now I am waiting for remoteless TVs that I can just gesture to. Before that happens, I figure my next TV (and surround receiver) will be pairable with my iPhone...

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev - Awesome :) Didn't look too shabby. Too bad it must be removed before docking the phone for charging (or anything else) though, but it's understandable... I'm still ordering one :)

  • Btw, Logitech is constantly "improving" their support. As I understand they axed their chat, also now they require you to make account and contact them via form.

  • Logitech, one of the world’s top makers of personal computer peripherals, has announced its quit from the market of affordable OEM mice supplied by PC manufacturers and which are sometimes found in retail. Sales of such devices got lower in the recent quarters because of competition. From now on, the company will focus on more expensive pointing devices, which it sells through retail channels.

    One of the reasons why Logitech’s mice became pervasive was the fact that the company sold its mice with new PCs as well as via retail. However, due to the fact that OEM mice have very limited profit margins, Logitech decided to quit this business,

    “While the OEM business has been an important part of Logitech’s history, we see limited opportunities for profitable growth,” said Bracken Darrell, president and CEO of Logitech, during the company’s recent conference call with investors and financial analysts. “Given our heightened focus on our growing retail strategic business, we plan to exit OEM in the coming months.”


    Chart is good to weight idiocity of the things they talked in first post of the topic.

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  • The company is moving to a bold new color palette, tweaking its logo, and launching a shiny new sub-brand called Logi.

    Well, idiots.

  • One of results

  • Great wall of Logitech G would have been much better if you could play computer games (even retro) on the screens (keyboards)... maybe even 'with' the keyboards... crazy :-?

    Don't Logitech also own EU Boom? Very popular here in Australia, but I don't own one.

  • If you want wireless speaker get Fidelio P9

  • I needed wireless for an outdoor event, went Behringer MPA40BT. I can not say enough great things about it. 2016 is kind of the year when I stopped caring about who made something, more about what I need to get the result I want.

    I know its very unromantic.

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  • And now we make silent mouse clickers


    M220 Silent and the M330 Silent Plus.

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  • It’s an exciting day for Logitech G. We just acquired the Saitek brand and the Saitek line of flight, farm and space simulation game controllers.

    Want to make more expensive game controller now.

  • I don't know much about Logitech other than their products are everywhere in the cheap PC accessories section of many stores. I wonder if they have a made a ton of money on the cheap stuff and they have decided to head toward the higher end that Apple is losing grip of.

  • I don't know anything about that Philips speaker but to me its clearly a copy of what Bose has been doing for some years now. I have a wireless Bose and I have yet to hear a speaker that can touch it in terms of size. The tech in BOSE as far as I know is unique and patented. When I plug it into my TV it sounds almost as good as a friends surround system that costs thousands...... and its the size of a hardback book. Bose is Boss....

  • @suresure123

    You do not know this specific markets too well. Like not understanding that Logitech was N1 player in PC peripherals for many years and made very good top quality things. And Apple never made any good peripherals, except designer stuff for their own products.

    Tech of Bose is NOT unique and not ones give a shit that they patented except their brand and design. While lot of good portable wireless speakers exist, Fidelio is one of the best and clearly most affordable among this sound quality level.

  • PC peripherals like cheap mouses and keyboards you mean. I got a wireless keyboard for $10 and a mouse for $5. I'm not saying they are crap but this isn't Apple accessory prices lets be sensible.

    My ears in the end will be the judge and all I ever hear from small speakers are small sound. Bose manages to fill a room from a small speaker in the same way a far bigger speaker does.

    BOSE has so many patents making them unique in many technologies, again lets be sensible.

    You can't judge much by online clips but when i hear the philips I see the sound coming from the speaker but with BOSE you get an expansive sound that goes beyond the speaker.

  • PC peripherals like cheap mouses and keyboards you mean. I got a wireless keyboard for $10 and a mouse for $5. I'm not saying they are crap but this isn't Apple accessory prices lets be sensible.

    Don't buy crap. Period.

    You can't judge much by online clips but when i hear the philips I see the sound coming from the speaker but with BOSE you get an expansive sound that goes beyond the speaker.

    If you can't judge by online clips - don't do it, do not immediately provide them.

    P.S. Topic went into something completely else. After a week will make some cleaning, my fault. If anyone want to continue about speakers and mighty Apple in PC peripherals it is best make some flame topic in corresponding category.

  • You took it off topic I agree when you said BOSE didn't have unique tech. Try to keep on topic or this has to be moved. Thanks.

  • You took it off topic I agree when you said BOSE didn't have unique tech.

    Let's not try to search under the light instead where it was lost, ok?

    Again - BOSE has no, NONE, nada unique tech (Philips also don't if this helps). Yet they make various speakers, have good marketing and invest big money they got from big margins into more marketing and advertisement.

    On this we stop.

  • It's funny you're so focused on niches, Beats came out of nowhere to make people into expensive headphones. Why isn't Logitech playing in that space?

    I think Jimmy Iovine and all of the people who worked at Beats did an amazing job building that brand. They did such a marketing job that you can't help but be in awe of it. We admire that. We're building our marketing capability. We're not bad, but we could be better.

    Interesting interview party explaining changes to the worse happening to company.

  • Logitech began selling the Harmony Link hub in 2011… and now the company has announced that if you have one it’ll stop working on March 16, 2018.

    The Harmony Link is a device that lets you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device as a universal remote. It can control TVs, cable boxes, DVD players and other gadgets. But it’s an internet-connected device… and since Logitech is shutting down the cloud service that powers the Harmony Link, it’ll effectively stop working in a few months.


  • Nice Q&A

    Logitech raked in revenues of US$608 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2019, surging 15% on year and up from US$592 million of a quarter earlier, with its gross margin reaching 37.4% and net earnings US$57 million. The impressive revenue performance was mainly bolstered by a 75% annual increase in revenues from gaming peripherals, 65% growth for video conferencing systems and 40% in tablet accessories. The company expects revenues for fiscal 2019 to grow 9-11% over a year earlier. In a recent interview by Digitimes, Wolf Jiang, vice president and managing director at Logitech Greater China Cluster, talked about the firm's transformation and deployments in different product lines over the past few years.

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    New Harmony Remote :-)

    Btw this shits keep making specially short living mouses using shitty microswitches.

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