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GH1 vs GH2 vs GH3 vs GH4. Better looking sensor.
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  • g6 doesnt work here with the hack. more over gh3 hacks are not ready yet. in this case we can only take gh2 into consideration. gh2 is far ahead from gh3 after moon t7 release.

  • I've gotten to spend a lot more time with the gh3 and gh1 and that's shifted my opinion a bit. for 1 I've finally gotten them to match with in camera settings. I've attached a still from some shooting i did today. This is the gh1 and gh3 side by side. Both iso 200, same shutter, different aperture (gh1 sensor seems more sensitive so I needed to stop down the aperture more)

    Here's the settings:

    standard -2,-2,0,0

    natural -5,-5,-2,-2

    Lowlight, it's a different story. Gh3 makes a usuable image where gh1 has visible streaking that makes it unusable (that's easier to see in motion). Also, you can see the dynamic range suffers more on the gh1.

    So now I think in daylight there's hardly any difference worth mentioning between the two cams (gh3 looks a bit softer, gh1 has a bit more artifacting.) And in lowlight, the gh3 is much better. Now I'll almost never shoot at anything but iso 200, unless I'm shooting a live event where I don't have control over light, so I don't mind the lowlight weakness of the gh1. Anyway, I'm bored waiting for my bmpcc so hope this info helps anyone trying to use the gh1 as a b cam to the gh3.

    1920 x 1080 - 875K
    1920 x 1080 - 633K
  • my latest video using GH1 with self modded rom.

  • I said (in other topics) that GH1 is more filmic than GH2. And in those ocasions people tell me that GH2 was better... but my eyes tell me exactly what I see: GH1 is more filmic. And my eyes are habitueted with film movies. Until 1972 I see film movies, until 1977 I work with film movies. And I worked only in two video movies, so I reconize the difference. And I reconize when a digital camera is closer to get a film image. And I saw it in gh1. But nowadays the diference between digital and film is almost ending, because there is a lot of movies, shortcuts, documentaries, etc made with digital cameras an many 'big' movies (Cabret, Life of Pi, etc) made with digital too. So our eyes are 'underestending' video as film. Otherwise today even movies made with film are more sharp than last years. But the diference already exists. I'm not speaking about good story, good ilumination, good takes, photography or good direction. I'm speaking about image's texture, color and envolvence. (sory my bad english). I guess a good promisse camera to guet a film-like image is the digital bolex and as possible I'll testing. Now I would like to let a simple question for you guys: Using a GH2 what patche is more filmic?

  • paulo. moon t7 has the better texture. I also think GH1 is more filmic.

    im updating this thread adding GH4 sensor to the mix.

    From what ive seen GH4 better light roll off and dynamic range has improved its power to resolve color. But then is has made it more standard looking, loosing its overall character. Im not saying is no good, its exelent IQ to the actual image standards, but the better it gets for the general public the more we loose the original character of incomplete, or non perfect image from gh1 or gh2. im not being romantic, just is what my eyes see.

  • I like the GH4 way more than the earlier cameras. I find it possible to achieve a variety of 'looks' out of the camera using the internal settings. I also like the way the footage responds to colour grading in DaVinci Resolve. I have been able to get a very nice 'looks a bit like film' result with not too much work.

  • Maybe im in the minority but I have never been really impressed with the GH2 image. Hacked or otherwise.

    I always preferred the GH1's rendition of colour & skintones out of the cam.
    I recently bought a GH3 and (to me at least) I feel the image is a step back in the right direction by Panasonic in terms of image rendering. So much so I decided to go back to Panasonic.

    Then I bought a GH1 (for nostalgia) and it all came back why I loved the GH1 so much. And my goodness the stills ability is very good indeed! That camera is a ludicrous bargain.

    GH2 still leaves me unimpressed..something just feels a bit off...yet I cant explain why. haha

    I look forward to the GH4 dropping in then I will buy one.

    I should also say...Panasonic have messed up their EVFs lately (Ive gone through G6,GX7,GH3) they are so dark and have murky colours and oddly soft where the GH1's is crisp and you can clearly see what is in focus thanks to the lower resolution.

  • My impression is that the GH1-4 all use the same basic 4/3 Sensor. Each newer one has been tweeked a little bit more, so they are not actually the same. The big difference is the Processor and firmware used to develope the image. Thus for my use the GH4 is undoubtably the best.

  • My impression is that the GH1-4 all use the same basic 4/3 Sensor.

    :-) It is not true, of course and you know it.

    But sensor progress slowed recently for all cameras, with biggest improvements now being in noise reduction, ADC improvements, etc.

    It is good to understand that making faster sensor and in same time improving low light performance is extremely difficult. So, while to end user it can look like small steps for engineers it is huge amount of work.

  • Was randomly browsing when I came across this and thought I'd share it with other poor folk who are pining after a Panasonic GH4 yet can't afford it (which is me for the next few months!).

    As don't forget, there is also the GH3/GH2/GH1! And the GH1 goes for under USS$200 second hand, it is the camera I started out, and clearly nothing else in its price range comes even close to touching it!

    So have a read of this article and discover why Chase Jarvis is keeping his Panasonic GH1 rather than getting a GH3: Also, this:

  • Reading this old this thread convinced me to pick up a GH1 in 2021 for a whopping $110. I've been pleasantly surprised to see that once hacked, it is still capable of shooting some pretty good looking video. In fact, I think I prefer the look to a lot of the modern mirrorless cameras (and definitely over the GH3/4/5 -- just my personal preference). We've gained a lot of convenience and flexibility with the newer bodies, but I think we may have also lost something in terms of a softer image that draws the eye and pulls you in:

  • Its like picking a Polaroid. It’s has its mojo, and just had 8.5 of DR but those limitation build a good foundation for achieving a good look. Good to see you pick up a good tool. I’m amazed by the price.