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Landscape shots w/ FilmConvert
  • Few shots of landscapes and random stuff I converted to one of the Fuji Film stocks.

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  • Great looking footage!

  • Does FilmConvert support GH2? From what I've read, it works off of actual profiles they have made of specific cameras.

  • Looks nice and answers the above question?

  • Sorry, but I've seen other videos of Mr. Roman and anothers GH2 users with similar cinematographic look without this software. Maybe I don't have the vision as developed, the exception is that I see some grain, but grain seems more than a little noise.

    This videos is very good as all that often Mr Roman.

  • I have the youtube version of this edit in the other FC topic, here is the vimeo upload of it.

  • @b3guy

    it works just fine with gh2, there are several adjustments you can't make to help it work with whatever camera.

  • Yeah, I just used the SRGB setting, seems to work just fine. If they can adapt the conversion to specifically the GH2 Sensor's output, then I think it would be a minor difference overall. It works fantastic as is.

  • i'm anxious to test FC on some BMCC footage. They are also working on a picutre profile for the c100/c300 as well

  • Here's another quick vid just demonstrating a very subtle before and after with filmconvert. A lot of people still get the impression that it's just this thick overpowering overlay like a preset from magic bullet looks etc. This is a plugin with awesome flexibility, and can help you get a very minimalist celluloid look if you want.