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Fracking Feature Documentary Shot w/ GH2 Driftwood 88mbs — Is GH2 Fit For Documentaries?
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  • @Peternap @maxr @luxis @matt_gh2

    Thank you for the encouraging comments! There's definitely a lot of pressure being piled on the tables across PA. It's unlike anything I've ever seen.

    On another note: You can catch a glimpse of the film in this chapter, "Good Neighbor" which covers a nuisance case for a homeowner. It's mainly shot on a hacked GH1 (I think the GH2 was out shortly after we shot most of the scenes). Sound is a little rough... we used just the tascam Dr-100 onboard mics, until the end of the vid where you here a professor chime in. There's also a few GH2 shots at the end: the water fountain & chalkboard. Enjoy!

    The gentleman in the video had to purchase another piece of property out of state to rid himself of fracking. He was told by the realty company and banks that his home would be impossible to sell since the well pad was built so close to his property.