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Collecting for GH3 and FZ200
  • As Photokina is over, and all donations collected went to our team already, we are starting collecting money towards two cameras.

    Best mirrorless upcoming camera, and best existing ultrazoom.

    This projects can be quite long shot, as it was in case of GH2.
    As it is completely new cameras, new hardware and many other new things.

    So, check proper option and click button on top.

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  • I have already donated 10 $, this is a great news!

  • Here's a new 30USD donation!! Great news.

  • Are you sure that hacked FZ200 may have potential to improve lot of aliasing video? Acceptable 720p120 at this camera will make me not so sad with lack of this super speed at GH3.

  • +20USD Good luck.

  • +20 thansk for all the work

  • Big thanks, guys. We are at $145 + $20 pending.

  • It's a very good sign seeing Vitaly looking for GH3 body. Just placed USd 40.00 despite of all my skepticism on GH3.

    GH3 and FZ200 is a great combination!

    Vitaly thanks again for your efforts! Keep on going!

  • Just donated 20$

    But my unanswered question is: GF2/3 manual control projects are EOL?

  • But my unanswered question is: GF2/3 manual control projects are EOL?

    I answered it multiple times, no. I am working on this.

  • 30$ in the bag for you chaps ....

  • thanks guys, we are at $345+$20 pending

  • @vitaliy_kiselev Would you consider including the LX7 as well ? It has a better lens than the FZ200. A combo of manual control on 720p 100p/120p (LX7 or FZ200) and the GH3 (or BMCC) would cover any options in making films.

  • @zcream

    Let's keep things in order. If we'll make all we want with FZ200, LX7 will be next.

  • tr: 82P389840X590311L a GH3 fot Vitaliy ! Hope GH3 improvement step will be as you did with the GH2 :-). Thanks a lot Vitaliy.

  • Thanks for all your hard work Vitaliy: I am enjoying so much shooting with Lumix camera since your first hack on GH1 and I am still using both GH1 and GH2 nowadays... for my private project.

    I am working in China, and size matters here: GH2 are too small to be presented to client and I have to rent an AF103 to be able to use the GH2 beside it, without complain that I am working "cheap".

    You can check my work, all panasonic with mix up of GH1/GH2 and AF103. I was using HVX200 + Letus Ultimate prior to YOUR area.

    Have a look at my shorts and works "Finger Up" (AF+GH2), "VW polo Making of" (gh2+AF), "Fete de la Musique" (AF+GH2), "Marlene" (gh1), "double detente" (gh1)...

    Not sure if I will buy the GH3... quit expensive without XLR/ND filter/SDI out. Hope you will receive enough donation soon to get one on your own and develop something amazing out of it.

    Just sent 20USD for you, even you deserve 100 times more in my eyes... As soon as one of my paid work will allow me to give you more, I will do asap. Keep the great job!

  • In for another $50. Money well spent.

  • $20 given, thanks for the work.

  • Thanks guys, we are at $500+$20 pending

  • given $50,00 , also include my glorious gh13. thanks for your work

  • Hope my $20 would be of some helps.

  • 20$ more. Spacibo.

  • And another $20.... keep up the great work!


  • $20 more into the pot.

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