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GH2 prices after GH3 launch
  • Whats you guys thoughts on this, what benchmark will it be - 400$ range?

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  • It is simple supply and demand. If everyone dumps their GH2s at once the price will decrease. If everyone doesn't then it won't.

    I think a lot of people will keep their GH2s as backup cameras. The going rate on US ebay right now for the GH2 body only is between $550 and $650. I wouldn't sell mine for less than $550 ever.

  • Anyone know projected price of GH3? If it's much above $1200 I don't think many GH2'ers will immediately jump on the bandwagon and crash the Craigslist servers with GH2's for sale.

  • I already see more used GH2s popping up on Craigslist.

  • Guys, pass me the Crystal Ball :)

  • With the GH1 we saw prices bottom out around $399 (new with body only) before the summer last year at various retail outlets. As others have said, the higher the price for the GH3, the less it will affect GH2 prices.

    The GH2 has received more positive pres than GH1. I think that the price of a new GH2 is unlikely to drop as low as $399 until the end of next summer at the very earliest and find it likely that it will stabilize higher than that before then. But I have no history of succesful guessing in that area. :)

  • And remember it will take some time before hack and good settings for GH3 come. Before that GH2 might be better choice.

  • Depends on the seller £400-450 in uk body only right now...used.

  • one month later, how trend going?

  • as far as I can tell, used gh2´s for around 600 USD. (higher, lower depending on accessories)

    I found a used gh2 + 14-140 locally for 822 USD.

  • @rrrr

    i'd just get a new body from bh photo - free shipping, no tax for 679

  • @hay

    Personally, I don´t need a new gh2. I´ve got two. Bought the extra in the summer for 650 (demo cam from adorama, like new). :)

  • I see that new GH2 bodies with a 3 year guarantee are selling for £489 from Mathers of Lancashire (the company I always use) and the GH3 is pencilled in for £1449. Don't think I'd be in any rush to get one!

  • GH1 prices got down as low as $350 when GH2's were still sold out everywhere. GH3 would be awesome, but I'm enjoying all the support we currently have for the GH2. I'll wait til the GH3 reaches that level before I consider it.

  • Just bought a new GH2 at Samy's Camera in Irvine, CA for $649 body only. New 14-42 manual lens was $199.

  • I got my GH2 with the 14-42 a couple of weeks ago from B&H used dept. for $650. Like new condition with box manuals etc...

  • It might be a while before prices go down that much, from what they are now, with the price-gap between GH3 and GH2. Of course, if everyone starts flooding the second-hand market with used GH2's that could change... But if the price goes down severely, what's the point in selling it for nickels? Might as well keep it as a B-cam or backup then imho. We shall see

  • I REALLY want a GH3 mostly due to the better build and weather-sealed body but just bought a second GH-2 "demo" for $600 shipped instead. It is proven. It is already hacked and working. I would think that with the status the GH-2 has that it will hold its own price-wise for a long time. You could buy up a few extras as "investments." Maybe a "rare" mint GH-2 in the future will be worth a million pounds or dollars!!!!!

  • My biggest investment in the GH2 has been my learning time. Now, when my fingers fall right onto all of its buttons and I'm finally getting the shots I want, I won't be trading it for any GH-anything else in a hurry.

  • Saw a GH2 used at one of the big camera shops in tokyo for the first time last week. for about $550. I have seen them as cheap as $450 from individuals.

  • Just bought a GH2 with 14-42mm kit lens from Amazon for $499.00

  • I was tempted at the $499 price + tax. Especially the fact that you can sell the 14-42mm to bring it down a bit more.

  • Great price!

  • I hope that after gh3 release, GH1 (used) prices get down too! In Europe you can get a gh2 used body for 450€ and a used gh1 body for 300€ (which is 400$)...I hope that gh1 prices will get down, gh1 is stilla good camera, as B cam is much better than g3 and gf3 series..

  • I just bought a 7 month old GH2, 14-42, 45-200, extra battery, 8 gb memory card and cute little carrying case off of some guy for $500! I couldn't pass up that kind of deal for a B cam. Just crazy. Now to sell the 45-200!