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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max vs 14 Pro
  • Ended up getting the iPhone 15 Pro Max and decided to do some comparisons to my older 14 Pro.

    Few night scenes around Boston using the native camera app. First clip is the 14 Pro, second clip is the 15 Pro Max and so on.

    Indoor low light test: Top clip is the 15 Pro Max and bottom clip is the 14 Pro.

    Used the new Blackmagic camera app to try and match the settings. Only difference is that for the 15 Pro Max, it can go down to an ISO of 55 while for the 14 14 Pro, it goes down to an ISO of 57. I set both to the lowest it can be.

    Another video using the Blackmagic app and this time just the iPhone 15 Pro. Used all 3 lenses. Ultra wide, regular wide and 5x telephoto.

    Really stinks that the light from the floor gets reflected onto the glass.

    Unfortunately the camera sensors in the iPhone 15 Pro phones are the same as the 14 Pro phones. Main sensor still the Sony IMX803. Sony has better sensors but it looks like Apple wanted to save money in the sensor department this time. At the very least, Apple should have used the IMX903 which is a little bigger. Same situation with the new GoPro Hero12 camera since it uses the Hero11's sensor.

    One of my biggest headaches of the previous iPhones was the slow transfer speeds when it comes to putting videos on my PC. With the USB C, the speeds are way faster but it's not the fastest it could have been. it's 10Gbps. Would have liked a thunderbolt to get speeds of 40Gbps. Still way faster than previous gen iPhone Pro phones. The 15 and 15 Plus phones on the other hand are still the same speeds as the previous gen phones.

    Speaking of USB C, we'll be able to hook up an SSD and record ProRes straight to it. Unfortunately Apple isn't enabling it for H.265 files on the native app. It does work on the BlackMagic app.

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  • Thanks for your report, really useful.

  • With iOS 17.2 (Still in beta), you're able to record Spatial 3D videos that are made to be played back on the new Vision Pro. Luckily, someone made an app that converts the videos to 3D Side by side. It's called Spatialify. The app was originally in beta when I used it but it's now on the App store. This way, you'll be able to view the 3D content on other devices such as the Meta Quest 3, Pico 4 and XReal Air 2 Pro for example. Before uploading to YouTube, you need to inject 3D metadata using FFMPEG. Then when the video is uploaded, you need to use the YouTube editing feature to trim the video a bit. Basically it wont process 3D on the first run but when you make YouTube process the video on a second run, it'll now show in 3D. It takes hours for the 3D to show unfortunately even for a video of mine that was a little under a minute. Here's a few 3D videos.

    Video of the 2023 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York. I had the phone attached to my GH6 camera so that I can take both 4K 2D footage and 3D footage at the same time. Luckily the shakes wasn't too bad with having both the iPhone and GH6 attached to each other by using a phone adapter on the hot shoe.

    Times Square New York.

    The Bronx Zoo.