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Unlocking Nvidia gpu for mercury playback on laptops

    quick little thing I put up with links to a great program that unlocks GPU for mercury playback. This is only reccomended for GPU's with minimum of 1GB RAM.

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  • I am sure that we had something like it few months ago. But without program as I remember.

  • It's great. As I said in my post I picked up an Acer Aspire 4830TG with the Nvidia GT 540m. It was a $650 dollar laptop.

    According to this link you would normally be required to spend a great deal more money to get something thats approved

  • You don't need a program, it is a simple unlock.

  • You just edit a text file, the info is all over the web.

  • all you need to do is search for a cuda_supported_cards.txt file it and write your card name in the supported cards list..

  • @DrDave @nomad @hedrox

    Here we have good example of one of common things to forums.

    Someone is making tool/description making it simple for more people to do something.
    Instantly many "experts" arise with references that it is already good and simple.
    May be, but in most cases it is not.

  • Hi Vitaliy, I just wanted to wrtite what worked for me.. I had that tool (from I think) and my PPro cs5.5 didn´t recognized my GTS450 after using it (I have a PC).. maybe it was only in my case.. but only after adding manualy my card to the cuda list worked fine.. I´m not an expert.. but I think it´s fine when users know about other alternatives ..

  • Using a tool did not work for me a while back either (if this is the same one). I wish it did because I did not know about the other method and returned the card (and my Premiere Pro trial expired before I heard about the other method).

  • If the "tool" is some sort of registry editor, you don't want it. Just follow the simple steps: Enable premiere in the Nvidia control panel, and add your card to the text file for supported cards. DOH!