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Fujinon GF 250mm F/4
  • Figured this lens deserved a place here. I have personally been using it for about 6 months now, and it is phenomenal. Best VR I have used period, and optically as perfect as it currently gets. Only downsides, tiny non arca foot, that is painful as a handle, yet necessary at times, and.. well it should be F2.8.. or at least 3.2ish. It renders beautiful bokeh in the right situation, and it's saving grace is when it doesn't the background details are never ugly. Will post more samples later.

    869 x 1162 - 1M
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  • Sample Images in wide range of use (circle of candles is 32-64mm, couldn't delete with out re-loading all).

    1092 x 1457 - 757K
    1944 x 1458 - 550K
    1458 x 1093 - 334K
    1049 x 787 - 678K
    Mother-Snow-Monkey-of-Northern-Japan-Holding-her-Baby-in-hot-spring 4_01.jpg
    1152 x 762 - 909K
    1062 x 1434 - 850K
    971 x 728 - 233K
    1194 x 667 - 1M
    2198 x 742 - 2M