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GPU Sales fallout
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    Directly desktop discrete graphics cards were sold 31.5% less than in the third quarter of 2021. NVIDIA was able to increase its share in the segment from 79% to 86% in a year, AMD fell from 21% to 10%, and Intel, acting as a newcomer, occupied 4% of the market in the third quarter of the outgoing year, which is not bad for a “debutant”. However, we should not forget that in the middle of the last decade of the last century, Intel Corporation was already selling its own discrete graphics solutions, so the current expansion was the first stage for it to return to the market. According to Jeon Peddie Research, for the entire GPU market, the third quarter was the most disastrous since the 2009 crisis.

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  • With the crash of crypto and the insanely high amount of money asked for their video cards the decline in sales could have absolutely been predicted.

    And they are absolute robbers, Nvidia is producing the newer chips in smaller dies than before but is asking much more for smaller chips.