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Killing is Free. Depopulation topic
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  • Amazing but FDA also overwhelmingly back sudden deaths and heart attacks comes with moderna’s

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  • Their so called SADS is started after they launched MRNA vaccines all over the world suddenly healthy young people even professional athletes start getting heart attacks Facts have no feelings

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  • Saddest day for the paralyzed intelligence of humans coz they are announcing that they will fool you like dumb

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  • their puppet governments are already in a war with you all fight back or else go live in a jungle until their agenda reach there

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  • no comment

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  • What is Sads? Sads is the side effects of Covid mRNA vaccines

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  • I'm Sads about you creating a thread just to talk to yourself.

  • I think it was super necessary sharing this, even if it’s to myself.

  • I had big problems after a jab, almost now for a year. Very bad reactions. So I suspect that it can trigger some very bad reactions, it is also known that it can have side-effects, short and long term, the risk is there. It was total hell I can say. Allready not trusted some things and then some things happened and some of the stories I read in some way or another, became reality. Everybody is different, can react different. Maybe I was unlucky, but I believe that there is risk involved for me. For me it was big trouble and not a normal reaction.

  • @Mysteryman4

    very brave of you, on recognizing the issues with vaccines, even though many have them and dont address them due to ignorance ,denial or shame. Either way doesnt help.

    in your case what symptoms did you had? was your firts jab?

  • LIFE link to ALL BURNED grocery stores, foods pantrys, farms, grain silos, plants, and hacked ones arround the world.

    this shit is sick! they are mainly collapsing USA

    i dont know @sebolla, im no reporter but this aint nothing?

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  • Was scared for Corona and a jab. I had a quick look on some of your post or maybe someone elses, before the jab. So I read some stories and not that good stories. I was allready afraid. But I was a sheep. It was not that brave, but maybe a bit stupid? But just forgot my first thought and put my brain to zero and just asked some family what they felt and they did not felt that much. I believe that bloodsugar can go up if you get a jab. I got mainly seems to be neurological problems. Still have difficulty standing and walking. I felt first felt my foot sleeping and burning that was the start. I also got sleeping problems, my ears noises and heart, just felt not good, feet, hands to many problems. But in short alot of neurological issues. And if you look at history it all happened before, alot of neurological problems is a risk with a vaccine in past. On tv I also saw man jabbed by a scorpion and people taking drugs in there body or a vitamin jab and alot of those reactions they got I see alot of similarities in a smaller or bigger way with my reactions on the vaccine that I got. So for sure people get bad reactions, but I am not sure how many? I had one jab and could not take another one, was scared it would get worse? I try to recover now for almost one year so that is a bit to much for me. Was really hard. I was really scared because problems got bigger and more and was not sure were the problems gonna end. I believe you always get a reaction like poison and drugs and that your body will react on that if something gets in your bloodstream. For me that seems to be the case, just a bad reaction. But it is also all hard to say what happened, for me it was like after 3 hours, so I suspect that it was the jab. Can also be something else, but my first thought was that I was in big trouble, it was all just messed up what all happened. Did not feel good to me. I am really pissed of alot that I still have trouble standing and can not walk that long anymore because of the small nerves? But yes some stories can be true for sure one or the other way, my experience was not that good with first jab. It depends on the situation now and have to think and be close to myself before I will get another jab, at moment I am recovering and done with it. But have to see in future and make decision on that. First think I need to do and remember how much pain, hurt and scared moments I got. My parents they don't want to hear these problems, but yes I got scared for them alot with jabs they took.

  • @Mysteryman3

    I am so sorry to hear of your ill effects. Unfortunately, I believe this is very common. I'm sure by now you have read and seen much on the web. There is nothing good about these inoculations. They are leading to all sorts of short term side effects and even deaths. The long-term ramifications are unknown, but I believe the prognosis is not good. Instructing our bodies to create a known pathogen, also known as the spike protein, is simply not good medicine.

    If big pharma and governments knew about these negative effects, they are guilty of criminal conspiracy. If they didn't know, but are using the population as an experimental group, that is also criminal negligence.

    The fact that governments are forcing the medical community into compliance and silence tells you everything you need to know. These inoculations reportedly have many other ingredients such as graphene hydroxide, self-assembling nano mechanisms, possibly reptile peptides, etc... These things lead one to believe that there is an alternate agenda at work that we are not completely privy to. Maybe Bill Gates and Tony Fauci know and other people in power, but we are being sold a bill of goods without informed consent and the we have no recourse to recover damages when injured. It's just amazing that we've allowed this to occur.

    This video, among many others, shows the lengths to which Fauci and Ralph Baric we're willing to go to pad their pockets All the while knowing the harm they were going to cause:

  • There are for sure alot of stories I read and did search alot after I felt bad things. At some point I was like bring me to hospital or do something, I was scared and felt and got alot of problems, it just not felt right and something wrong. I am not exactly sure what happened, but I know that problems started after 3 hours after vaccine. It got more and more scary after some time. I had Corona alot later, that was luckely a few days and a bit of flu effects, not that bad and long as after the jab. I think it is hard to say if the vaccine was working for me because I had Corona long after that 1 jab I took, the jab gave me alot of problems. I had alot of side effects. People look at the first days they take a jab what side effects are, but not that long after a jab they look if side effects can be because of Corona or something different and not a vaccine. I had to call the doctor alot. Felt like everything went to my feet and then later alot to the hands, just ends nerves, my head, ear. Totally fucked up my system. It was a really bad reaction, After go a sleep, I woke up after a half hour, really weird shit. I am glad that I slept pretty normal these few months. But yes really bad and total nightmare and still try to recover for the last bit. Almost a year I try to recover. Today my doctor said I can stop with medicine, but I can say it is really heavy what I experienced, I had to call and visit doctor alot. I know that I am not the only one and that there are more people that have bad experiences. But I think most people know that there is a big list of short term effects and that there also possible can be long term effects, which most people forget after a jab. I felt short term effect right away and also I have longer term effects of the chain reaction that I got into my body I guess???? There are different perspectives on that, but there are really much possibilities. I can say it is all scary as hell what I felt and what all happened. I think I had for sure a bad reaction and not normal. But there are alot of perspectives on that.