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Canon 5D Mark III vs. Panasonic GH2
  • The Lumix with Quantum X.

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  • oh boy, these type of threads usually don't end up well:) anyways, fun to start seeing 5d 3 footage, ofcourse you can't really judge rolling shutter characteristics since the same prime was used on both making the gh2 have double the field of view-roughly equivalent to a 70mm on the 5d.. hope people won't start making overall conclusions over little 'fun' tests like this

  • It is not my intention stefanos, if it can create conflicts then Vitaliy can close or delete the thread.

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    Do not worry much :-)
    @stefanos just hope that people won't start making conclusion from short vimeo footage

  • My thoughts pretty much echo @stefanos

  • Hard to tell on my laptop, but it looks like the 5d footage of the heavy guy in black stripes has aliasing and moire.

  • The Panny has a certain Mojo.

  • I think the biggest difference is the colors... where Canons see red/pink carpet... GH2 see orange one... Also I like the Canon skin tones more :( ... actually, the color output of GH2 is the only thing that keeps me working with it less than I would like to.

  • I am looking forward to seeing some single frame grabs, for moire and sharpness! :)

  • Uhmm, are the namings correct? In this qick test, he canon looks more like what I would expect from a GH2, whereas the Gh2 looks more like what I would expect from the $3500 Canon...

  • @Frame There is a key difference in the different shots. The GH2 shot, is much more flat (the look many are trying to achieve) like the Red / C300. The Biggest difference is the auto focusing, as you can tell, i am sure, is that the Canon has a much more accurate auto focus but IMO I definitely like the picture quality of the GH2 better.

  • 5D M3 looks good to me. It appears that the GH2 still holds the resolved detail crown, but I do like the colors of the 5D better.

    Still though, nice that my cheapo GH2 can hold up so well to a new 3500$ DSLR

  • I dunno about the white balance of both shots so it's tough to judge colour… Also, @leejb4, there is no auto focusing going with the GH2, it was manual focus (ef lens)

  • jhero> "I dunno about the white balance of both shots so it's tough to judge colour"

    This is the first thing I thought when some were comparing color. This also pretty much echoes Vitaliy's response > "making conclusion from short vimeo footage"

    I agree, there's not much to be derived from one quick vimeo video.

  • What @brianluce said - psychedelic!

  • Sarah Palin sighting @ 0:29

  • MkIII is released 03.22 and D800-03.20 so it will be in our hands soon. We'll then be able to make better conclusions. General assumption, MkIII has the same color tones as the MkII which is good. Most likely a cleaner look. GH2 shot was not optimized but i bet the resolution is still better especially if used with a 14-140 or 25/1.4. I'm looking forward to those resolution tests!

  • There's just something about Canon's color that does it for me in a way that the GH2 doesn't (I own a 5d and a GH2). But still, the image falls apart in many other ways on the 5d if you're shooting landscapes/heavy detailed areas so maybe the mk3 is the best middle ground for me. We'll see.

  • @last_SHIFT lol. Only if Sarah Palin was hot and had enough "intelligence" to be a trade show rep.

  • Regardless of the tests we see and the conclusions that are made. Until Canon produces an $800 camera body that outperforms its $3500 camera body, the GH2 will still reign supreme.

    GO GH2!!

    PS: @brianluce You're not the only one that spotted the aliasing. I almost think I caught a little banding too but can't be certain.

    I did notice very little jello though...sorry Mr. Cosby

  • Curious why the 5d catches the carpet as red and the bulls eye in red but the GH2 has the carpet in an orange but the bulls eye is still red... albeit less vibrant. Does the GH2 have a more expansive color profile or is it an "interpretation" issue?

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  • To answer abaci's question, I brought a few still frames in photoshop.

    Canon 5D MK III captured both carpet and bull eye as almost magenta, with bulleye more magenta than the carpet.

    Panny GH2 captured these 2 items towards more orange side. Both items shifted towards orange on the color wheel. Bulleye landed almost exactly on red and carpet laned a bit more towards orange.

    I personally like the GH2's skin tone. It's more natural and good for grading, canon's skin tone is too pink.

    What I also noticed though is that the canon one has blown out many light colored shirts, especially at the start of the clip. GH2 managed to hold more details on the shirts.

  • My canon 5dmark2 for videoclip music artist magua see..and comment

  • @andyvia68

    How your clip is related to topic?

  • Sorry, but more part clip are made with canon 5d markIII.

  • I think the reds with Canon are always too much. Without grading i can tell immediately if footage has been shot with a Canon. It's the reds piercing from the screen in contrast to the other colours. I think the image of the GH2 is much more neutral in that regard. But you need to pump it up a bit, cause i'm getting constant remarks from Canon users that is too colourless.