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Panasonic GH5 II, new prosumer m43 camera
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  • So, I'm still at the GH4 and use it mostly for stills. After some years of financial stress I can finally afford a upgrade to my camera.

    So the GH5 is just NOK 14.000,- at the moment.

    The GH5 mark II is listed as NOK 20.000,- but there is a cash back which includes the extra battery and 25 mm lens to sweeten the deal (offer listed as a NOK 3000,- "value").

    Still, on the face of it the GH5 is 30 per cent cheaper than the mark II. And will probably be a worthy upgrade to my GH4 in any case.

    I'm also interested in the future GH6 (if Panny don't fold their camera business), but might be able to upgrade once again next year.

    So what to do.

  • Look the updates that the MK II have, and see if they are useful. The MK II have Vlog installed, the first model you will have to pay - but only if you will really use log.

    I liked the new features of the the MK II, but the value difference is only useful if they make a difference to you. The image quality is the same in both cameras (except the 4k60, MK II could be a little better).

    (One more point: looks like that the MK II have a new chipset - the same of the FF ones - and theoretically could receive more firmware updates on the future. But it is not certain)

  • Comparison with GH5

    Key new features offered by the GH5M2 include:

    • C4K/4K 60p/50p 10-bit recording - the GH5 could only capture 4K/60p in 8-bit
    • No crop factor as the camera uses the whole area of the sensor
    • C4K/4K 60p/50p 10-bit HDMI output and simultaneous internal recording
    • All-I option for 29.97p and 23.98p - only available for 24.00p on the GH5
    • The 12-stop version of the V-Log L profile is pre-installed on the GH5M2, whereas on the GH5 you have to buy it as an optional extra
    • Improved Anamorphic recording
    • New Cinelike D2 / Cinelike V2 profiles, inherited from the S1H video flagship camera from the full-frame S Series
    • New L.Monochrome S and L.Classic Neo colour modes have also been added for both video and stills
    • An image stabilizer ideal for anamorphic lenses can now be used. You can select from 1.30x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.8x or 2.0x options depending on the lens magnification.

  • DR is actually same as Panasonic G9


    698 x 504 - 49K
  • The Panasonic Lumix GH5 II definitely is a major improvement over its predecessor, the LUMIX GH5. It fares quite well in all departments, be it a low rolling shutter, OK dynamic range results, and good latitude capabilities.

    Again, Panasonic shows the capabilities of modern MFT cameras paired with solid internal recording resulting in a very robust, organic picture that can be pushed around hard in post without breaking up.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Quick summary for non-russian speaking people?

  • @EspenB

    Well, it does not have PDAF and Dual Pixel AF :-)

    Obvious issues with AF common to Panasonic.

  • Johnnie: The original GH5 was a legendary camera that offered filmmakers a lot for a very competitive price. Where do you see the strength and positioning of the new GH5 II?

    Yamane-san: The strengths of GH5 II are video functions, live streaming function, and reliability. Cinema 4K 60P 4:2:0 10 bit recording is realized, and V-log L is also pre-installed so that it can be used even in professional settings. In addition, it is also equipped with L. Classic Neo and L. Monochrome S, which were first installed in Cinelike D2, V2, and S5, and it possesses high quality even when shooting without post-production. Furthermore, we will meet the growing demand for live streaming by a new wireless live streaming function installed for easily performing live streaming with high image quality. On top of inheriting the DNA of the GH5, it is equipped with a USB charging/power supply function (Power delivery compatible) that supports long-term shooting in addition to unlimited video recording time. It inherits the shooting assist functions of our full-frame camera S1H and is a camera that is closely supporting creators.

  • GH5 II & Live Steaming

  • oof or....

    GH5 ii.jpg
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  • On livestreaming

  • Panasonic has announced it will release a new firmware update (Ver 1.1) for The Panasonic Lumix GH5 II that will improve performance and usability. 

    Wired streaming performance is enhanced to achieve high-quality video streaming. It complies with RTP/RTSP streaming via wired LAN and via USB tethering to support 4K high-resolution live streaming for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, a Live View Composite function will be added to the camera along with 720-degree and 1080-degree options on the Focus Ring Control. 

    Other added functions include:

    • The camera can be connected to LUMIX Tether via wired LAN.
    • Multiple cameras can be controlled from LUMIX Tether.
    • Zoom operation of the LUMIX G power zoom lenses can be controlled from LUMIX Tether.

    There were also cases where the camera froze when transferring images to a PC via Wi-Fi (5GHz). This phenomenon has been fixed.

    The new firmware will be available to download from 30 November 2021 on the Panasonic website.