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April Fools Day
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  • Why you think so?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    He almost got me fooled with the RTX 4090 until I saw the 4090Ti. :))

  • Communist Creative Cloud has been launched today in Berlin!

    The three PC terminals are subscription based, and are wheeled to you once per month for the important competition of your communist propaganda leaflets.

    Each terminal comes with a Nikon 1 series mirrorless camera with extremely large format sensor developed in Sochi by the renowned soviet scientist Mr P. Utin.

    On a tour of the Communist Creative Cloud offices in Berlin today, I could see a hive of activity. Proud workers huddled around a machine (of course adhering to the mask policy of the German C.C.C.P regime) putting images of Stalin into a transform tool. The beta test programme had gone well with only several deaths, and minor spillage of radioactive material from the Robotron CPU.

    How about write similar thing about cloud service made by nice lesbian mentally challenged couple who illegally immigrated from African country. At least try to... being in free EU. Nothing can go wrong, right?