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Dehancer Film Emulation Plugin
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  • out of all the grain plugins, this one is the best. it actually follows pretty closely how my after effects template works as grain isn't an overlay, its the actual image. (mines free)

    btw, there's a new grain plugin called reverator coming out. if you'd like to do a review and compare.

  • Dehancer is available for Photoshop and Lightroom Classic on MacOS now. It’s worth a try even if your only photo camera is an iPhone. The 2-week trial is available on

    Installation Manual:

    Now the price is 149$ until December 18th, and after that, it raises to 199$.

    Dehancer ofx 5.0 was released recently, bringing a Kodak 2383 print film emulation.

    Here’s a full list of improvements:

    • Print profiles with Target White setting
    • Kodak Vision 2383 Color Print Film profile
    • Kodak Professional Endura Glossy Color paper profile
    • Cineon Film Log support
    • DVR WG source input
    • Source white balance (Temperature and Tint compensation)
    • Optimizations

    Dehancer Benchmark is here. You can check your machine performance in Dehancer ofx combining different tools. QoS parameter is for quality service - a number of tests run.

    New Camera Profiles inside Dehancer ofx:

    • Canon C70
    • Canon R5
    • Canon R6
    • Mavic 2 Zoom
    • Action 2
    • Red Komodo
    • Sigma fp
    • Sony Alpha 7S III
    • Sony FX6
    • Sony ZV-1
    • Pocket Cinema Camera 6K – Gen4, Gen5 (can be used for 4k)
    • iPhone Filmic Logv3

    Our closest plans:

    1. Add M1 Max and M1 Pro support
    2. Actions and Smart objects for batch editing
    3. Hotkeys
    4. Windows support
    5. Expanding Dehancer Photo to other platforms