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Is it possible to export Magix projects as MTS files?
  • Just curious, as I never tried exporting final projects as MTS, and would like to keep my music on the track if possible. If not with Magix, how do I do it, or what other saving options through Magix keep full quality?

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  • Magix software will import MTS from your PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM/ directories. It will export in a variety of formats with a variety of compression codecs, or in AVI uncompressed or even in an image sequence. It will not write MTS; that is something AVCHD camcorders do during capture.

  • Try smartcutter if you are looking for a cutter without re-encoding. Result will be MTS.

  • Well, mostly I am just looking for exports that retain full quality. I am sure this is possible with magix, but it seems whenever I export something is off. I usually shoot in 720p it it's relative. Also I tend to use the highest patches driftwood has out.

    On a side note, is it normal for Magix to stutter after putting several effects on a track during edit? I have a 1090t AMD processor overclocked to 4ghz with 4gb of ddr800, and a MSI 465gtx gpu on an asus crosshair II mobo for what it's worth. Just feels like I should be able to load effects and edit stutter free. If I just mess with contrast and brightness it is a toss up if it will play smooth, anything more and it's almost a guarantee it will stick. Without any effects it plays smooth as silk and seeks at high speed very smooth. I am very new to Magix, so I am hoping there are some tricks to help make it silky smooth. Is it possible I just need more RAM?