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SOLD>> SLR Magic 12mm/f1.6 - MINT
  • Brand new, sparkling clean SLR Magic 12mm/f1.6 lens. I bought this a little over a week ago directly from the manufacturer in China. If you're not familiar with SLR Magic, do a quick search on them. They are making some very fine lenses and this one is no exception. It is a solid, well-built lens with a fluid (click-free) f-stop ring. The only reason I am getting rid of it is because it is a bit too wide (equivalent to a 24mm on a full frame sensor) for the project I'm working on. I opted for a 17mm instead.

    I'm asking $500 + shipping for it. Yes, that is the same price as buying it from Ebay however you'll save yourself well over $100 in shipping and customs fees. So, it is quite a deal I think. Let me know what you think!

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  • How much for shipping to the UK?

  • I did a few, quick estimations via USPS & UPS and they are between $75.00-90.00. Expensive!

  • Shipping to the UK via USPS is actually only $50 and takes 6-10 days.

  • how much to Korea?

  • I would like to purchase the lens if it is still available.

  • If is still available I'm interested.

  • Where is the lens located?