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Sigma FP-L new 8K camera
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  • How much? :)

  • Sigma FP-L announcement mus happen within one week now.

  • I think maybe $2800 to &3200 it’s a wide guess.

  • Along the FP-L Sigma will also announce these accessories:

    • Electronic Viewfinder EVF-11
    • Eyecup EC-31
    • Large Eyecup EC-41
    • Semi-Hard Case VC-07a
  • It seems that SIGMA fp L will be announced at “SIGMA STAGE Online” scheduled around 21:00 on March 23rd. In addition to the previous accessory, the AC adapter “UAC-21” and the USB cable (Type-C on both ends) “SUC-41” should be announced. Is the suggested retail price of EVF-11 75,000 yen + tax

  • Photos, note how bad is EVF design, how easy it is to damage connectors





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  • The Sigma fp L price will be $ 2,499, for the “fp L EVF Kit” it will be $ 2,999, and for “EVF-11” will be $ 699

  • Main change from fp of Sigma “fp L” is 61 million pixels back-illuminated Bayer sensor equipped with a low-pass filter that suppresses the occurrence of moire, sensor support contrast AF + image plane phase difference Af.

    Camera will support powering via USB port.

    Will support 0.5" external EVF with about 3.68 million dots resolution.

    Firmware will be more versatile considering settings - you could store and load them, as well as share with other person via QR code.

    New color mode will be added.

    New frame rates added to supported video modes.

    The mass retailer price of the Sigma “fp L” is 275,000 yen including body tax and 330,000 yen including EVF kit tax.

    The mass retailer price of “EVF-11” seems to be 66,000 yen including tax.

    The Sigma “fp L” will have price in main US retailers for $ 2,499, the “fp L EVF Kit” for $ 2,999, and the “EVF-11” for $ 6,99.

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  • Wow, I never imagined to find Zbigniew Rybczyński in a commercial propaganda. Like it the concept movie..

  • Try it again Sigma

  • 8k video? I can't see that spec on any post

  • I don't "see" any improvement over most cameras from the last 5 years. What am I missing? It's a visual device after all

  • The lack of HDMI out when the EVF is attached is baffling. I can't use the the EVF while having a Client Monitor? Big fail for me.

  • I was so excited to see 8K in the title, and then in the first video there was an 8K graphic. Is the 8K total BS?

  • 4K video only. Sigma has posted the exact specs for both the Sigma fp and fp L. There is zero difference in the key advantage for these cameras - 12bit dngRAW video - in terms of resolution or frame rates.

  • needs a log mode? i'm a little baffled at how log would increase the dynamic range. if the 12 bit mode spread the full dynamic range like RED raw, why would you need log to store it?

  • The only major difference between the FP and fp L besides phase detect AF for video is that the original Sigma FP has no true 24p whereas the fp L does, I hope this is resolved via firmware , the Sigma FP will however be better in low light compared to the fp L.

    The RAW video coming out of the Sigma FP is absolutely phenomenal, I don't think any other camera in this price range can offer such results, specially once processed correctly In DaVinci Resolve. The fp L makes sense for photographers more than it makes sense of videographers.

  • @Greenidge

    One thing important you forgot for vloggers and such guys.

    It is free cropping feature:

    From full-frame all the way down to a 'Full HD' (1920 horizontal pixel) crop. These are indicated as 1.0 to 5.0x crops, which take you (for example) from a 24mm field of view up to around a 153mm equivalent, if you have a 24mm lens attached.

    It is great time saver and if you have good controlled light it allows you to use single good cheap prime for multiple things.