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Good quote: Why you need to read liberal stuff
  • Lenin liked to use the expression "class truth, rudely, openly expressed by the class enemy."

    He even advised his comrades to read the newspapers of the Black Hundreds. In 1917, while hiding from arrest, Lenin asked his comrades: "Can't I get the newspapers of the extreme right-wing parties?" “I had to get it,” recalled journalist Jukka Latukka. - Ilyich paid especial attention to the Black-Hundred newspapers. "It is a pity," Lenin remarked, "that the Social-Democrats do not catch these sparks of truth from the black hundred."

    Lenin retained this attachment to the writings of his enemies even after October. Bolshevik Maria Skrypnik recalled how he read liberal newspapers: “So he took the latest issue of Rech ... Reading ... Lenin was not irritated, on the contrary, he laughed with a contented look ... Looking at him at these moments, I recalled the well-known Bebel's words: "If our enemies revile us, then we are doing the right thing." One day she asked why the Cadet newspapers still continue to appear. "If we will close the newspapers," replied Lenin, "we will not know what our enemies think of us." Cadet newspapers were published in the Soviet Russia until August 1918, when the open war with exact this same cadets started.