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Good quote: On modern mentality
  • The pace of development of technology, creation, processing and dissemination of information has significantly exceeded the capabilities of most people in the development and application of knowledge. The shift in accents in the perception of the surrounding world, especially on the Internet, from scientific, educational and cultural to entertainment and reference, has formed a new model of perception - the so-called clip thinking, a characteristic feature of which is the mass superficial perception of information. This form of assimilation of information simplifies the influence on the views and preferences of people, contributes to the formation of imposed patterns of behavior, which gives an advantage in achieving economic and political goals to those states and organizations that own information dissemination technologies"

    Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 09.05.2017 No. 203 "On the Strategy for the Development of the Information Society in the Russian Federation for 2017 - 2030".