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War: Apple deletes Parler remotely and updates OS
  • New mandatory iOS update removes Parler and many more conservatives related apps. Apple also fully disables special emergency messages service to prevent Trump to legally contact any iOS user in US.

    Users of new ARM based Macs can also face special update preventing access from Safary browser to list of conservative sites as soon as tomorrow.

    During week we'll see multiple new updates, even many new Mac restrictions can be pushed now, much sooner than planned, using this noise.

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  • Si this is how they will take control over everything when windows goes the same fate.

  • 2021, Year of the Linux Desktop, long overdue. Wait, whoever develops UEFI is probably on the Left. 2021, Year of the Linux Desktop VM then.

  • Now open threats began

    Before Parler went offline early Monday, a researcher says she archived 99 percent of its posts, Gizmodo reported. The researcher, identified only by her Twitter handle, @donk_enby, started archiving Parler posts after the January 6th attack on the Capitol in Washington, DC that left six people dead.

    Parler has been identified as one of the sites where people who participated in the riot planned and coordinated the attack on the Capitol.

    The newly scraped data, however, shows videos uploaded to Parler with GPS data, some of which had been deleted and some of which were private. It also has information about site admins.

  • Lots of efforts on Reddit's DataHoarders about preserving internet assets before they get "removed" political or otherwise:

  • @CFreak

    Here idea is revers - people who made this did this to warn every participant to not again register at new conservative resources.

  • 1917 comunist first hijacked the telegraph.

  • @mitkoo

    Yes, and using this analogy Trump guys tried to hijack abandoned toilet.

    Tells you a lot about level of leaders.

  • image

    This is the wife of the founder of Parler.

    400 x 400 - 31K
  • You should go read this Gizmodo report that uses Parler’s leaked GPS data to show that its users were among the mob that stormed the Capitol last Wednesday. The report comes in the wake of the social network’s near-complete removal from the Internet, and is a good read for anyone who’s been following the story. The reporters, Dell Cameron and Dhruv Mehrotra, had to sift through tons of posts to build a map of the riot.

    Of course it is not the reporters who made all this. And it was not security breach, but Amazon AWS actually provided all internal Parler data organizing fake breach.