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iPhone 13 2021 Lineup
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    774 x 255 - 42K
    800 x 455 - 42K
    800 x 455 - 42K
    800 x 606 - 54K
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    791 x 408 - 38K
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    800 x 416 - 31K
    800 x 482 - 36K
  • All models will feature sensor based stabilization. But it won't improve much. Only software part will be better (for video).

    It won't be on all cameras, of course.

  • The next generation iPhones will get a triple rear camera and video recording capabilities, which the company believes will be a major incentive to update older models.

    In particular, the new smartphones will support portrait mode not only when taking photos, but also in videos, which will allow you to create videos with bokeh effect.

    The Phone 13 Pro will support ProRes video recording, offering better results for professionals and more editing options in post-production. The Apple ProRes format was developed by Apple over a decade ago and now supports resolutions up to 8K.

  • New leaks suggest that Apple revised iPhone 13 lineup prices due to constant chips price revisions.

    It is not clear how big will be price hike, but common number cited tells about 25-30% compared to similar iPhone 12 models last year.

  • Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is claiming the iPhone 13 will have the ability to make satellite calls built right in.

    Kuo claims that the iPhone 13 will be able to connect directly to low earth orbit (or LEO) satellites thanks to a customized Qualcomm X60 baseband chip.

    If this rumor is true the X60 would likely be supporting another element of 5G, which is currently comprised of a whole mix of technologies, including the ultrafast but limited range millimeter-wave and the more widespread, but slower C-Band. LEO 5G would provide support in places that don’t yet have towers beaming down the other forms of 5G speed—particularly useful in many rural areas that often struggle to get 3G or 4G connectivity.

    it also means that now your smartphone will be able to send information pockets and your whereabouts without you knowing and without any domestic providers also knowing it.

  • Apple plans to let you connect your iPhone to satellites so you can contact emergency services in areas that don’t have cellular coverage.

  • The first feature is called Emergency Message via Satellite and will be added as a third protocol, alongside iMessage and SMS, to the Messages app. It's apparently codenamed Stewie inside the company and will allow users to text emergency services even when there's no signal, which sounds especially useful during emergencies in remote locations, such as mountains and forests.

    Apple is also reportedly working on a second satellite feature that will allow users to report crisis situations like plane crashes and fires. This system will give users a way to report the incident at length and will ask them specifics, such as if anybody needs search-and-rescue services or if anybody in the vicinity is armed.

    It is now quite clear that main goal is the coordinated attack on censorship walls in China, Russia, Iran and so on.

    In next few years it will become standard feature.

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    729 x 788 - 56K
  • Would have been nice to see 4K 120p video recording.

  • Cinematic mode

  • Guided tour

  • Cinematic mode only works in 1080 P resolution. No cinematic in 4k

  • Bloomberg Intelligence analyst John Butler said: “AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile launched generous iPhone 13 deals, marking an uptick in promotional activity that could crimp service prices and margin expansion in coming quarters but yield higher revenue and profit growth in the long term."

  • Video of some handheld clips I took at night with the iPhobe 13 Pro Max. Unfortunately it’s not in HDR yet since it’s still being processed. Hopefully that happens later today.

  • Videos of an auto show.

    For the second video, I put the iPhone 13 Pro Max + Hohem iSteady X gimbal on a 30 foot telescopic carbon fiber mast pole and walked around with it. It was a bit windy and so theirs wobbling. If only the trees weren’t in the way. Couldn’t shoot it the way I wanted to. Both videos came straight from the phone without any editing.

    Hopefully these turn to 4K 60fps HDR when YouTube finish processing them. My Boston night video never turned to HDR. That’s my second video this happened to. All my other iPhone 12 and 13 Pro Max videos turned turned to HDR regardless if the files came straight from the phone or edited using Smart Renderer 6. Seams like Google will sometimes skip videos when it come to giving them HDR. Ironically if you search for my Boston night video and choose HDR in the drop down menu, it shows up.

    Recently some people had trouble uploading 4K 60p videos. They’d only go up to 360p. That seams fixed now.

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    800 x 439 - 37K