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Bad design: Modern home WiFi routers
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    First, most routers no longer have proper antenna connectors, instead we have plastic around simple wire antenna, all made by novice designer.

    Second, form of the router and size of it are very unhandy. Including lack of flat solid top. many of them can't be normally placed ont he wall without looking totally nuts.

    In reality all it is made to cheat people, make them feel that new routers are somehow much more advanced than they are. And as we now have horrible review industry that try to lick manufacturers ass - we have that we have.

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  • Agreed. The large number of monopole antennas, while looking impressive, do not necessarily improve the WiFi coverage or overall efficiency. In fact the 8 monopole antennas will create antenna patterns of peaks & nulls, as apposed to an omni directional pattern from a single monopole antenna. The nulls are coverage death spots.

    A far more effective approach to the antenna design will be a multi-beam phased array, similar to that being used in the 5G cellular towers. Each high-gain beam is electronically steered to where a laptop or other WiFi appliance is.

  • ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000


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  • TP-Link Archer AX5400


    I think they started to use heavy drugs.

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