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Capitalism: US FED wants to inflate huge bubble on cryptocurrency market
  • Rumors started circulating in crypto circles that FED actually owns around 15% of total major crypto currencies volume via affiliated firms, and plans to rise ownership to 25% (as now they can print as much as they can) while inflating crypto value.

    Big crypto prices allow them to lure inexperienced users while blocking their actual money in fully virtual thing, this allows keep inflation lower.

    First move had been ordering (and allowing) Paypal to help people in using major crypto currencies by becoming kind of exchange point for usual, casual users.

    Next move had been big fake transations where FED move large Bitcoin and Ethirium amounts between their affiliated firms.

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  • Any links or sources here?

  • @rawmeyn

    It is rumors compilation, comes from talks in closed communities and some telegram channels.

    You can find some past research of big crypto moves and how complex huge back and forth transactions are used by big players.

  • As I told


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  • This month Nvidia crossed 10% of all profits going from crypto miners, AMD is expected to cross 15% mark in November also.

    It is huge informational resources and marketing going around smaller and specialized sites for now, youtube channels again are offered to promote crypto currencies by very shady companies and individuals.

  • What a waste of energy in mining....

  • @stonebat

    Even more interesting is that it is EXACTLY proponents of Paris climate agreement and "no meat" initiatives who are largest crypto currency mining promoters.

    Only initially it looks strange until you realize that all this tech corps are generally anti human and for them don't matter how they will make your life miserable - either burning fuel in pointless crypto scam or by by limiting good food availability or by attacking any cheap energy sources.

  • I don't look far. My neighbor has been mining bitcoins for years. Totally sickening.

  • @stonebat

    Mining bitcoins using common electrical energy must be equal to murder in crime laws.

    If you want doing this - invest in any trendy renewable stuff in some distant place (that also do not produce any noise!) and you can go.

  • Estimated 2.6 GW per second....wasted in mining. And that was 2 years ago.

  • Old child song about crypto currencies

    Don't hide your money
    In cans or in corners,
    Bring your money,
    Otherwise trouble will happen.

    And put your money into the ground at midnight,
    Put there,
    Put your money at midnight,
    Put where?

    Not in the mountains, not in ravines, not in a forest,
    Not in the bottomless ocean without boundaries,
    But on the Field of Miracles,
    On the Field of Miracles
    In the Fools Land.

    Listen to our advise,
    Water your money well,
    And in the darkness
    Branchy trees will grow.

    But instead of leaves,
    Money will glitter there like silver,
    Where will money glitter like gold
    Instead of leaves?

    Not in the mountains, not in ravines, not in a forest,
    Not in the bottomless ocean without boundaries,
    But on the Field of Miracles,
    On the Field of Miracles In the Fools Land.

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    Rumors are that target level for FED is around $40-50K for Bitcoin this time. As they want to sanitize up to hundred of billions USD before next crash to around 4-5K.

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  • Even Libra idea returns

    New information about the digital currency Libra, developed by Facebook, has appeared on the web. According to the Financial Times, it can be launched in a month - in January 2021.

    The Libra Association, based in Geneva (Switzerland), will be engaged in issuing the digital currency, writes the Financial Times, citing a source familiar with the circumstances of the case. He said that the project will be severely cut compared to what was originally planned in April this year, due to the need to comply with legal requirements, as well as because of criticism from politicians and regulators in a number of countries.

    Now it is planned to release only one virtual currency, whose rate will be pegged to the dollar. Tokens pegged to other currencies, as well as a multicurrency token, will be issued later.

  • NVIDIA earned additional $175 million profit from selling Ampere graphics cards to cryptocurrency miners. It is noted that changes in Ethereum algorithms require replacement of old GPUs, so many miners are updating right now and choosing any models of GeForce RTX 30-series video cards that are on sale.

    Rumors are that both AMD and Nvidia now offer changes and write new code for Etherium and at least 6 other major currency. As due to low market periods large companies can supply as much as 80% of funds used for core teams operation and marketing. Etherium, for example, always used big amount of money for marketing, mostly on shady (like gambling) and criminal sites.

  • Inflating is not going as planned, too slow

    Rumor is that Visa actually sent them offer to use Ethereum for all their transactions. And even told them partner who will be processor (owned by same people who own Visa).

    And using crypto is exactly that they did. It is nice support for crypto currencies.

  • Result of Pornhub attack (they don't use Bitcoin, as it is fully unusable in real life, but corresponding crypto also rise together)


    Next few thousands of adult sites must follow (including usual shops who have nothing with videos).

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  • As predicted


    All, 100% major so called "left wing" democratic US and EU mainstream sites are now promoting crypto bubble, right as it was years before.

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  • Bitcoin broke the $ 37,700 mark, setting a new record. The New Year's rally also affected other virtual coins, thanks to which the total volume of the cryptocurrency market exceeded $ 1 trillion for the first time.

    Looking at main media they want to park up to $2 trillion and also wipe from markets up to $2-3 trillions.

    Fake FED based transactions during sharp rise periods can take initially up to 95% of all volume and lower to 80% as more idiots join.

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  • This guys do not even hide now

    The head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, mentioned Bitcoin on Twitter, posting a hashtag of the first cryptocurrency on his account.

    “In retrospect, we understand that this was inevitable,” Musk wrote in a separate post.

    Immediately after Musk's message, bitcoin began to rise in price. Within half an hour after the tweet of the billionaire, the price of the digital coin increased by more than 15%, to 37 thousand.

  • Tesla has invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin. This is stated in an application filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    Now we can be 100% sure as Tesla is being directly managed by US FED and leading funds with Musk playing role of fun puppet ala Trump.

  • Im sick of Elon Musk

    I guess i should stop watching mainstream...