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Nikon Z9 top camera, it could be more in better times
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    • 45MP FF stacked sensor
    • New EXPEED main LSI with 8K processing
    • 8K 24p and 30p video
    • 4k at 120/60/30p
    • 30fps serial shooting at full res, 120 fps at 6MP files
    • AF with object detection, can have dual pixel AF for first time
    • AF specially for cars
    • AF subject recognition with AI
    • AF tracking, also AI assisted
    • Multi leaf blade protective shutter that auto covers sensor when switched off
    • Improved 3D tracking.
    • Significantly better dynamic range
    • Simplified user interface oriented on touch
    • Special magnesium case
    • Resistant to splashes of water and cold up to minus 30 C
    • Improved articulated screen that works in portrait mode – it is a completely new design
    • Third joystick/selector
    • 16bit RAW
    • 5.8Mp (or 9Mp) OLED EVF (Blackout-free)
    • Dual CFExpress (B type) card slots
    • Built-in Transmitter
    • 1Gb Ethernet port
    • USB-C, WiFi, GPS
    • Uses Nikon D6 battery and optional EN-EL18x battery
      • Integrated vertical grip handle
    • $5500 price
    712 x 589 - 60K
    759 x 772 - 87K
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  • Please no time limit.

  • This will be interesting.

    • Newly developed high-resolution stacked FX sensor. 60MP.
    • Integrated vertical grip handle
    • [The development announcementshould be tonight or tomorrow
    • Nikon Z9 is expected to be released in the fall of 2021
    • No official plans for a Nikon Z8 camera yet
    • Prototype Z9 cameras will be tested at the Tokyo Olympics next year
    • The Z9 is described as a D6 body combined with EOS R5 imaging, α9II AF, and blackout-free EVF
    • Nikon confirmedthat the Z9 will be better than the D6
    • 20 fps
    • Multishot-mode
    • 16-bit RAW option
    • 8k30p, 4k120/60/30p
    • New EXPEED processor designed for 8k (newly developed Imaging Pipeline Processor to broaden sensor readout emphasizing speed)
    • Improved AF (Object detection AF)
    • "Stunning" AF tracking (better than the D6)
    • Two XQD/CFX type B memory card slots
    • ISO 64 -- 25,600, Hi1, Hi2
    • Improved noise levels and specifically significantly better dynamic range
    • High resolution, blackout-free EVF: probably 5.76 MP or maybe even 9k MP viewfinder, 120 Hz refresh rate (the resolution can be reduced to increase the refresh rate)
    • New user interface (no second LCD screen on the back like the D6)
    • New battery: Nikon EN-EL18x
    • Gbit LAN, USB-C, WiFi, GPS
    • Price: $6,000 -- $7,000
  • With all this, the critical spec is missing - 10bit internal or what?

  • How hot?

  • Nikon Inc. is pleased to announce the development of the first flagship model for which the Nikon Z mount has been adopted: The Nikon Z 9. The full-frame (Nikon FX-format) mirrorless camera is scheduled for release in 2021, and represents a significant leap in technology and performance.

    The Z 9 brings together Nikon's groundbreaking technologies to deliver the best still and video performance in Nikon history, meeting the advanced needs of professionals in a wide range of genres. It utilizes a newly developed FX-format stacked CMOS sensor and new image-processing engine. In response to the growing needs of professionals, advanced enthusiasts and cinematographers, it includes support for 8K video recording as well as various other video specifications that fulfill diverse needs and workflows. The Z 9 embodies ultimate usability as a tool, offering users an unprecedented imaging experience from capture to workflow exceeding that of previous digital-SLR and mirrorless cameras.

    Information regarding the release of this product will be announced at a later date.

    For more information about current Nikon products, including the Nikon Z series camera line and NIKKOR Z lens lineup, please visit

  • Nikon will be announcing their flagship mirrorless camera body in November or December of this year.

  • Yes, time limit (likely) and 10-bit are conspicuous by their absence. As such, it's logical to assume 8-bit and 30-minutes, which fall within Nikon's SOP.

  • There's certainly room for some well designed competition that does not overheat.

  • Specs updated

  • 10bit internal or better is 99% probability for this camera, as is some form of "RAW" external or otherwise. Expect 10 bit internal. 12 bit RAWish (14 bit is even possible).

    Nikon played a smart game with the initial z releases catering to the run and gun professionals. This camera will be made to stand ground firmly next to the rest of the flagship field. They are not stupid.

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    597 x 560 - 54K
    592 x 493 - 65K
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    800 x 684 - 68K
  • Really hoping the Z8 is hot on the heals of this machine.

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    641 x 509 - 47K
    637 x 427 - 36K
  • Now if you could just undock the screen seamlessly from the camera, that would be a step up. Also, it's tiny.

  • Was amazed that some "specialized" sites called this hinge "very innovative", since Fujifilm have it since the X-T2.

  • @MarcioK

    My approach to screens is simple. Camera must always sell without any screen. But it must have special standard port that also has metal strong mounting parts. So you can replace screen to any third party one.

  • Here we have a camera that is still vaporware, and we already have YouTube videos by fans saying that they don't "need" a flippy screen because they look into the lens or whatever it's good to fail I guess OMG.

  • Shorter: 8K no time limit 30p. Maybe hippo eye recognition.